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Goal Tracking with Sherry Fernandez

George Grombacher December 9, 2022

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Goal Tracking with Sherry Fernandez

LifeBlood: We talked about the necessity of goal tracking, how to change your life, the role of habits and how to create them, and how to get what you want with Sherry Fernandez, Personal Development Coach, and author of Life Mastery.

Listen to learn why you should focus on fewer goals as you’re getting started!

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Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:15
what’s up? This is George G. And the time is right. welcome today’s guest strong and powerful share Fernandez. Sherry, are you ready to do this? I am. All right, let’s go. Sherry is a personal development coach with Life Mastery. She’s working to help others with their personal progression, and working towards infinite potential. Sherry, I’m excited to have you on tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work, why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 0:42
I sometimes ask myself that question were retired, I told you, I don’t usually get up the service. Because I dreamed of the day, I didn’t have to get up quite so early. But I just it flows out of me, you know, the work that I do, I just, I don’t think I could stop it. So I keep thinking, Oh, well, just maybe another year, I’ll do this for a little bit longer. But I think I’ll do it till I die. It’s just, it just like I breathe, I do it. Like I breathe, I don’t have a lot to offer. And I’m making a difference. And I see it in the basis of my clients and the call for they get me. I just, I just feel like as long as I can do this, but I’ll just do it.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Well, I certainly appreciate that. And I think that you’ve got a handful of grandkids too. Is that right? Yeah, we’ve been married 45 years, next month. And we’ve got 21 grandchildren, we have six children and 21 grandchildren. So that’s, that’s kind of our life. But we’re family people always been that way. And, and so everything else is sort of incidental to that. But we’ve been able to have a well rounded successful life by the principles I teach. And I those out myself had to in my day, that was the coaches and mentors and people to help and and we had nothing. And we sought out the principles of success and a well grounded success. I wanted it all in every area and learn how to do that. And we’ve been very successful. And now I just feel a responsibility to teach other people.

Unknown Speaker 2:14
Well, certainly congratulations on on 45 years of marriage. That’s amazing. And six credible kids and 21 Amazing grandkids. So that is that looks like a pretty well rounded successful life to me. Yeah, I believe that that’s what I have is a very well rounded, successful way.

Unknown Speaker 2:32
We are talking a lot about as a society, mental health and balance and well roundedness these days. But that has not always been the case. But you were intentional about that early on. Yes, I was intentional. I wanted to be able to have those babies and still have a rockin hot body. I want to be a mismatch education to that party to those years. I wanted to be educated, I want to have a president but get married was rejected, never wanted to do, I was gonna have the best marriage possible. And of course, the finances we were, we were just as just about as destitute as two people could be in the beginning, especially because we didn’t get the education. And I wanted I didn’t want to be like money I wanted, why I wanted to have them go where I want to go and do I want to do and my husband had some financial goals of him as a zone to be a millionaire by the time he was 40. And and we had a slow start, but we made it and yeah, so every area in my integrity is a person that wanted to be a person that people could count on and looked towards and so just went to work what to work on me.

Unknown Speaker 3:42
I think that the statement of you wanted to have what you wanted to have do what you wanted to do and go where you wanted to go that’s certainly something that I think resonates with me 100% And with with with with most people. So you you knew that you didn’t have

Unknown Speaker 4:02
the traditional education yet you still you were able to learn these principles and then apply them so tell us a little bit about that.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
Yeah, so it started off just had been this like hippie girl and no disciplines had never been very disciplined per se had a lot of wanting I think in me but not in personal disciplines. Now people are surprised to hear that know me because then my hallmark is personal discipline because that’s where it starts, right it and it grows little bit of time just like a muscle, your personal discipline, self discipline. And I just I went to work on doing that. First you just have to develop some habits and and work towards some daily habits and some weekly monthly habits and just did that and as people watch the changes in me and my husband, we were on the same page there. I had opportunities more than he did actually because he was running these businesses but

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I had the opportunity to teach people would ask me, could you teach this? Could you teach this and, and I’d be in speaking, and then

Unknown Speaker 5:06
people would seek Me for personal advice. And then I built a fitness business. That gave me a

Unknown Speaker 5:14
platform also for personal development. So I taught fitness and we had the mania and then fit life. I gotta teach personal development, but

Unknown Speaker 5:23
just seeing the joy that comes out of people’s lives, when they start moving forward, it’s coolest thing and you start making a difference in your life. The Happiness comes right away, you mentioned about there’s a lot of unhappiness and unrest, I think in the world and a lot of depression, anxiety, not that there’s not a lot that’s really chemically there, and maybe a toxic environment. But much of the unhappiness is just because people don’t know how to move from here to there, it feels like feels daunting to that 20 pounds to lose and need to get out of debt, and need to work on a budget. Like to have an education in this area. And they don’t know how to get from here to there. But it’s just the baby steps forward and happiness comes. And that I think is in a crux what Jazz’s me about personal development is, that’s the key to happiness, we start moving towards our potential, we’re happier, when we’re stuck. We’re not happy as we become that simple.

Unknown Speaker 6:15
It is kind of that simple, isn’t it? Why is it difficult?

Unknown Speaker 6:22
Yeah, yeah, I like to say that it sounds easy, but does hard.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
So where, how does how does beliefs attitude mindset fit in.

Unknown Speaker 6:38
I had

Unknown Speaker 6:40
a really rough, rocky childhood. That said, just join me in somehow, I just believed in myself, you know, as a little girl, I just knew somebody was gonna grow up and do great things. I don’t know how to transfer that into other people. And this seemed to come naturally to me. But it’s critically important that we know that we’re worth it. There’s a lot of people who talk about self worth, but in a way that they stopped or put in demands that you have to earn it. But you also have to know that you’re worth it. Before you’ll do the work, if that makes sense. You have to know that you’re valuable enough to be worth

Unknown Speaker 7:13
the Fortunately, you want to make the body that you want to have and the education that you want to have the character they will check that you are fundamentally valuable and worth the effort.

Unknown Speaker 7:24
So you’re saying that a lot of the a lot of the conversation around self worth today is like this is something you just absolutely have to have. So figure out how to do it.

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Well, I think that you jumped up enough to get started. And it’s like a cycle right? The more that I work on me the more competence and self worth I have, we can’t just look in the mirror, think gosh, are worth it all. But even though it’s true, and stomp our foot and demand that the world respect this in till we do the work to respect ourselves, right? It’s got to be internal, but it comes from moving forward a little bit, you exercise a few disciplines, the self worth grows, and then you know that you can do more and the self worth grows. So we have it’s kind of a

Unknown Speaker 8:12
cycle thing, the more we work on ourselves, the more our confidence grows, the more we want to work on ourselves, the more we feel like we deserve and the more we do deserve because we have worked on us and we’re more valuable to the world more valuable to

Unknown Speaker 8:26
the different enterprises we have because we worked on this

Unknown Speaker 8:30
yeah, I’ve certainly experienced that firsthand of the virtuous cycle that just get started even though it’s really hard you maybe don’t believe it’s gonna work but then it starts to work and you start making that progress and your confidence muscle shows up and then it starts to grow and and and as long as you keep everything moving, that’s you wake up a year two years three years later and your life is different. Yeah, exactly. And you know, sometimes I’ll well for almost always my clients well, we’ll get into the work a little bit we’ll be maybe two or three months in they’ll start to feel discouraged slump to where you’ve been in two or three months and and the energy and excitement returns You’ve done so much in such a short list of value of coaching right mentoring is anybody can do it you can do it on your own just move forward but have somebody to mentor you or coach who can speed up the process a little bit. If you have the right kind of coach you know what I know? To be honest, there’s a bazillion coaches and mentors out there I don’t know hardly anybody I know anybody to be honest to does the work the way that I do it. I don’t know why that is maybe they’re out there. I’m just too busy to observe it but to make sure that the person that you’re working with is on higher ground than you for starters but yeah, that’s the value of coaching is to can speed up the process but still one step at a time. There’s no in this society within his we see these tech wizards who seemed like they made instant fortunes I think we feel like I should be able to just leap from the spot to where

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Want to be I used to be able to

Unknown Speaker 10:03
get there quick, and there’s nothing to get there quick. Even those Tech Wizards are the other people that see let that instant success. They’ve worked for it. It’s been one step at a time. Very rarely ever. Is there any other way?

Unknown Speaker 10:17
Yeah, yeah, we are easily seduced. And it’s a very human thing to be seeing people from from the outside in or just looking at them from afar and thinking, Oh, wow, look at that immediate success when very, very, very, very, very, very rarely, if ever, is that actually the case? So I appreciate that.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
You mentioned that you make sure that that, that you’re putting the people that you’re working with on on higher ground than you are tell me more about that? No, I think the coach needs to be on higher ground than the person that working with so I see like I do a lot of networking in out there, I’d meet people just because I feel like that’s the best way for me to touch lives and make a difference that I

Unknown Speaker 10:59
have so interested, it’s kind of faded down a little bit. Because I realized, I think they realize they can’t make any money via 25 live code, two year old life coach, but you have to work with somebody like you don’t want to work with a financial planner that’s broke, or a fitness trainer, that’s fat, you know, you want to work with people who have achieved things, at least to a degree that you can respect that you want somebody that you can look at and want to be like that, or at least have that kind of success. And so when you look for a life coach or mentor, you want to find somebody who’s successful, at least in the things that are most important to you. And hopefully, in from my perspective, that’s got mastery over their entire life. In other words, you want to work with somebody, yes, a good financial adviser, but maybe that also can advise you in your finances, in your health, in your relationships, that have been successful in life, enough success that you indeed admire them.

Unknown Speaker 11:58
So you can’t have that if you’re 25, you haven’t lived long enough to have the wisdom to help somebody else get there, or the success that it could be exceptions, I suppose. But I think generally speaking, you need to live well, to be able to help other people live well.

Unknown Speaker 12:16
Now, I appreciate that. So when when you start working with somebody, what is what is the process usually look like? An initial conversations, what does it look like? I have a workbook that I’ve used for, you know, decades actually now available on Amazon, because I decided to make it just as was put up on Amazon for people that have the book. But I start with we start with a conversation that’s free, because I want to make sure it’s a good fit for not just for them. But for me, because I have a limited number of people that I work with. Because I travel a lot and I have a lifestyle of my own, I like to pretend to have a limited number. So make sure it’s a good fit. And then we start right off with and I talked about this in the book, but big dreams list, or some people might think of as a bucket list this linnworks Fan fancy than that I did that not because it’s the most important thing, in many ways. But because it gets people thinking big, it teaches them how to identify in a parameters around what what a goal accomplished looks like. It just teaches a lot of principles, right gets people in the right frame of mind. But then I go right to work after that we go right to work with tracking your daily habits is really all about what you do every day. And pretty much everybody chooses from full of about probably 10 different habits, maybe it’s meditation or prayer reading, working out, drinking more water to call in. And we start tracking, they pick some daily habits that they want to work on, enact a little bit of guidance, we don’t want to start working on something that isn’t, we’ve talked enough, I’ve talked enough to them at that point. They know kind of where they want to go in life, we want to make sure that we’re doing habits that are going to be useful for their their future. But usually they start they’re ready to start tracking daily habits and get them established. And then with a little more time I add, not everything that you want to accomplish can be tracked, like if I want to be more honest, for example, I want to be a person of integrity, it’s really hard to track how many times I’ve been honest in a day or maybe I want to be kinder, or give, laugh more, there’s some things you can’t really track. So written affirmations and I do say written our affirmations daily every day, same ones you write you pick them out and you work on them every day. That’s that’s the balm for those kinds of goals. So I teach that next. And then they have two systems that they can start setting their goals. Then we start working on goals and I show them how that you have action steps your goals may fit into. I do have a third system too. But every action step fits into one of those three systems b It’s all about systems. The reason people fail in their goals is because if IT systems, I really believe that people are insincere when they set new year’s resolutions or they set goals. We laugh about it. But the reason they fail is that don’t have a good system and been taught any good systems.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
So I really about the system’s about tracking, especially tracking what you do every day. And just that’s a build the disciplines, that’s how you build the kind of person you want to be. That’s how you get things done on the salesman, I need to make 20 phone calls a day, will you track that? Or I need to, you know, want to be fit, because fitness always affects the bottom line, then let’s track what you’re doing, and then working out every day. And if you get the systems do you understand the systems, the goal secure themselves often, oftentimes you can skip the writing part of the goal, not that you should always do that. But there’s some things you can and go right, this is important. You’ve got the good habit of tracking your goals every day, tracking your daily habits and weekly habits, monthly habits.

Unknown Speaker 15:41
That’s where the truth is, right? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:45
Like I said, what gets measured gets managed. And that’s how you manage yourself.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
Why do we resist that?

Unknown Speaker 16:00
By the time they sign up with me, they know what they’re getting. And they’re ready, they’re ready to say, I need to make some change. I think one reason we might is because you don’t know where to start, I had to start with a young couple last night. And I don’t usually do two people together. But we started with a couple. And they had said we’re going to one of my workshops. And so they already familiar with some of the things they teach and tracking, they have this whole list of things that we’re tracking, but they weren’t tracking very successfully. So we had to have our whole conversation last night was let’s narrow it down to some things, we can do 100% For a while, and then we’ll add some more and add some more. But I think that was what was thinking in this. They had all these things. And yeah, you want to do them all but not right this minute. Let’s just start with. And I would recommend a start in this process, how to do a couple things, you know, you’ll be successful out and have a couple of challenges and just start there. And then build exhibitor lifetime to do this, I track at the given time, I’m tracking,

Unknown Speaker 16:56
probably 10 to 12 items, daily items. But I’ve been doing this for for 40 years. If you’re new, let’s just track maybe three items, or four items, at least one being something you already have done pretty good. So you can see some success. And then, you know, in a few weeks, we can add another one. And another one, when we’ve got those down. I think that is this against that wanting to lead to success right away one big bound rather than taking it one step at a time.

Unknown Speaker 17:24
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

Unknown Speaker 17:29
You, you get this spark of motivation, and you’re ready to go. It’s new years or whatever the psychology behind that, and I’m going to do these 10 things? Well, probably not, let’s start with three, three items, or something like that, and build that. build all those muscles, the consistency and the discipline and just get started with that. And then you can add in.

Unknown Speaker 17:51
Yeah, this is really that discipline, then you can do some harder things that may be a really daunting to you, because you built that discipline. And again, making sure you when you set that goal, you have a system for tracking system way to track yourself, and make sure that you accomplish the things that you set out for yourself, then what happens if he says his goal is New Year’s goal, like a minute workout, and I’m gonna get fit, and I get my clothes and I get my gym membership, I’m all ready to go. And I do really good for a couple of weeks, weeks, and then the kids get sick. And one day the car breaks down and then produces some other things. And then you forget what you’re even doing. If you’ve got it if you’re tracking your goals. If you do have a bad day, you know, right where to pick up again that say there it is in front of you have that habit of tracking your goals every day, if you just have that one habit, you go back that tracking sheet. I have one week, right two women who have been really sick that week have both been really sick. And they both came back with the same story. This time in the past that would have derailed me, but I knew right where to pick up because I’m using my tracking sheet. And so that’s, that’s one of the values of are many bad. There’s many, many, much value in having good systems. So it keeps you on track makes them happen. But again, not too many. Not too many habits to start with. Love it. That makes a ton of sense. Well, Sherry, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you? Where can they get a copy of the workbook.

Unknown Speaker 19:13
Amazon course is available the book Life Mastery, personal progression towards the infinite potential is available on Amazon and on Audible. And there’s also of course the ebook and then the workbook is also available on Amazon Life Mastery. The workbook are available on Amazon, you can contact me at like mastery. That would be Sherry actually a Life Mastery The website and I’m very accessible by return this is my jam right? This is how I’m making a difference so I returned emails and so if you want to contact me, let me see.

Unknown Speaker 19:50
Excellent Life Mastery

Unknown Speaker 19:54
And the website is Life Mastery website is Life Mastery. Download

Unknown Speaker 20:00
As you can tell tracking sheets I’m talking about, they’re free. You can download those as well as a reading list and a couple of other things that are available for download on the website. Totally free.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
Excellent. Well, if you enjoyed as much as I did Sure, share your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciate good ideas go to Life Mastery. send Sherry a message at Sherry, that’s s h e r y at Life Mastery. Pick up a copy of Life Mastery ever at Amazon and I will link that in the notes of the show as well as the workbook and then

Unknown Speaker 20:40
yeah, get started. Get started taking those small steps and finding those positive habits and and start getting closer to that life that you actually want to live

Unknown Speaker 20:53
with the first step. Thank you so much for me a good host. I really appreciate it. And thank you for taking your time with me. I

Unknown Speaker 21:01
thank you.

Unknown Speaker 21:03
And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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