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Get Healthy Stay Healthy with Dr. John Kim

George Grombacher January 16, 2022

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Get Healthy Stay Healthy with Dr. John Kim

LifeBlood: We talked about how to get healthy and stay healthy, the importance of taking personal responsibility for your health, how to take control of your diet, sleep, stress and relationships, and how to stay grounded with Dr. John Kim, Owner and Pharmacist in Charge of Robinson Drug and Compounding.

Listen to learn why the doctor of the future is you!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Dr. John Kim

Episode Transcript

Come on

george grombacher 0:12
the time is right, the time is now welcome to life blood be well and welcome our guests strong and powerful. Dr. John Kim. Dr. John, are you ready to do this? Absolutely, I am. Thanks so much for your invite. I’m excited about this and excited to have you on. Dr. John is the owner and pharmacist in charge of Robinson drug and compounding center. He’s an advocate for healthy living, and alternative and functional medicine. John, tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do? Absolutely, my name is Dr. John Kim, I’m a pharmacist. And especially as that I am a compounding pharmacist, the company deals with customized medication for patients use. So compound basically it is a art. And the pharmacists used to do a lot before the manufacturing period comes through. So we actually customize medication pace based on the patient’s needs, and the overall challenges that patients may have to go through. So we actually do all the customer it especially when you are allergic to certain ingredients or dies or something along that line, we could actually make a certain drug therapy based on your needs. And that’s what we shine the most. A second thing that I specialize in is preventative and functional medicine. So I actually look at the root cause of certain disease states. And how do we tackle that by looking at a certain aspect rather than just dealing with medications alone. So I like to think outside the box. And this is where the functional medicine approach and company marriage together very, very well, to get the best outcome for you, along with the fact that I am very active within the aspect into the patient advocacy, and patient education. So this is something that I really love to do. And this is where I like to discuss about on your on your podcast interview. I’d like to say Skype because?

Unknown Speaker 2:07
Because Because because here we are.

Unknown Speaker 2:11
It’s funny, so

John Kim 2:14
I I can’t imagine, or has there ever been a more important time than now to be talking about advocacy and education? Absolutely, I think that one of the things that people forget to realize is that in terms of their overall health that they had to take in charge, it’s not about the government mandates, or whatever the overall public health information that might be flying through, but you yourself have to be in charge of health. So what I really strongly believe in is that the doctor, the future is you that in terms of how you take care of your health, what your overall goal is in life to be healthy. So based on, you know, what’s making best for you. So I always say, hey, you know what, I’m, especially for myself, as a company pharmacists, who’s trained in basically a traditional medicine. And as well as working within the alternative functional medicine area, I like to marry two things together, because there’s no perfect ways to take care of your health, there’s always ways of doing it, and you got to figure out what’s working out for you. One thing that we have to really focus on is how you eat, what you eat, how much you sleep, how much are you actually taking care of your stress, what kind of relationship you’re pursuing, and as well as Are you well grounded. And this is something that’s been really missed and not being taken, discussed about. And while the sad part about last year up to this year is that people feel that it’s very out of control, that this particular pandemic that’s happening right now is causing them to lose control and not able to take in charge. And so that’s where we are relying on the government mandates as a savior, which is not a way to handle it. And we should always be in control and does what we could do. Now, obviously, there’s certain ways that you cannot, but if things you can’t, especially your health is something you need to take in charge right now. Well said, I think there’s so many parallels between Well, I talked a lot about personal finance. And same it’s very similar. You need to be in charge of this. You need to be the person who is most interested in your financial situation, just like you need to be the the think you talked about how you’re You’re the doctor of you, you’re the CEO of you.

Unknown Speaker 4:41
And I think it’s great you talk about are you well grounded because yeah, it’s really easy for people to feel out of control right now.

Unknown Speaker 4:50
But, and I also empathize because it’s hard to know where we should be getting information from. And so how do I even get started with that process? So how do you counsel

Unknown Speaker 5:00
People there. So that that is where

Unknown Speaker 5:04
the growth of the social media is doing so well. But at the same time, you get a lot of wrong information at the same time, right. But then if you solely relying on the overall the three letterheads, to give you the health information, that’s also false as well, because in terms of just giving an example, what was recommended, just kind of give you a food for thought,

Unknown Speaker 5:26
eating high levels of grain that was was recommended for many, many years. And if you see the level of recommendation that when that started, and in terms of how the cardiovascular issue has been such an increase, and development country, especially United States, it’s been skyrocketing, we’re not advocating a clean eating habits, and along with the fact in terms of, you know, increasing overall, a decreasing overall sugar intake and increasing a high level of protein. And as well as clean eating aspect of especially organic diet, that has to be something that has been taught from the beginning, not just parents, but also in schools and everywhere else. But then the level of education and what the information is being portrayed from the government. It’s not to say at all. And so you even though those public health policies may sound very good, is end up having to cause more illness than anything else. And so the overall expenditure for healthcare costs has increased. And at the same time, you have big pharma making all the shots in terms of what are the therapies are available was accepted. And I see more and more censorship that’s going on about natural and healthy living lifestyles. That, yeah, it you know, you think that you’re in control and doing everything else. But these are things that being, you know, an issue. So one of the things I like, to really tall people is that key thing you need to really work on is how you eat. So first thing is, if you’re are in a high carb, high, high sugar intake, all that type, that you need to really get rid of it, or at least decrease the amount of sugar. And at the same time, we need to also focus on how well grounded and how well you are managing stress, because stress is the biggest culprit that’s causing a lot of issues. Stress can cause inflammation, which is a start of all diseases. Right? So if you could actually decrease the overall amount of stress in terms of, you know, utilizing certain amount of relaxation technique, breathing exercises, sleeping well sleep is another foundation that we have to talk about, where if you’re sleeping less than 6.5 hours a night, that’s another added risk factor for to have a cardiovascular issues and all the other inflammation and right now is a rise of autoimmune disorder where your own immune system is attacking you. Well, that’s also related to stress and mismanagement of lifestyle. Genetic could be one small portion of it, but it’s not always the case. So these are things that are very confusing. But one of the key things you could use a leash, you could control what you’re eating, how well you’re sleeping, how well you’re able to manage your stress on our thing, we also have to think about how well you’re pooping, because if your overall gastrointestinal system, and that’s another ways to detox and be healthy, if you’re not there, that’s something that you need to be talking about. So I tell patients to work with a, a functional medicine doctor, like myself, or a healthcare health coach, there’s a lot of these functional medicine, health coaches out there nowadays, that is able to work with you. And coach you just as there are finance experts and and financial coaches. Well, this is where their health coaches come into play. Right? I’m not saying not to go to a doctor, but at least you have a people who are invested in this aspect of it, to give you the right information and coach you through. So that’s one and the second thing is you can follow me on Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 9:05
I have an Instagram page I will talk about it later on but a doctor Dr. John dot form DPH AR MD I talk a lot about healthy eating, preventive care, functional medicine and also empowering yourself in dealing with health. So this way, you know if overall mindset I always talk about is that the doctor the future is you and this is where I like to keep it at Abisko advocacy, a patient rights to take care of themselves. Well, I love it. That that really makes a lot of sense to me. And I know that the times that I’m feeling out of control or not grounded

Unknown Speaker 9:47
if I keep staying in that state are going to keep sort of feeling and spinning out of control versus if I’m able to focus on what I can control which is what I’m putting in my mouth when I’m eating honey

Unknown Speaker 10:00
I’m sleeping, and what I’m letting into my head. And if it’s stressing me out, then to stop letting that into my head and to stop focusing on it, right? You take those small actions, which will then help you feel more in control. And then you know, you start eating better, you start sleeping better, you start being less stressed, and all of a sudden, everything starts getting better. Yes. So it’s all about taking the right steps. And I think the overall culture of United States in terms of how we have really have people relying on certain people to be healthy or getting their inflammation, that’s not the case at all, you need to do your own research, you need to do own advocacy, try to find alternate ways to get better. You know, those are things that that’s going to really make the big difference. And that’s what what I see in patients lives as well, you know, I just had a concert with a patient last week, she went through heavy issue dealing with stress, but she wasn’t really expressing that. But when I was looking at her lab values, it clearly show that so there’s one of the things I was able to discuss and going through the root cause while her root cause wasn’t more the fact that it’s not the overall issue with the diet, it was more because of stress a lot of times. So again, you know, how do we know that unless she was seeking out the right answer to find the root cause? And that’s where the overall help that comes through.

Unknown Speaker 11:28
And that all comes out to also hormone replacement therapy as well. I’m a big advocacy advocate for hormone replacement therapy. Some people are like, what is that? Well, as you start to age, your overall hormones, especially your especially for female listeners out there, estrogen, progesterone would end up having to decrease. So you go through something called menopause. Well, you don’t have to suffer going through menopause or having hot flashes, and then end up having to start declining in your well being while you’re able to work with different doctors, not just your OB GYN, but specialists in doing natural hormone therapy, as well as a company pharmacist like myself, where we are able to customize your overall hormonal

Unknown Speaker 12:16
needs and therapies based on your needs. Because not everybody is the same, right? You and I, George and I are completely different human beings, in terms of what our knees are what we are taking care of. That’s the same scenario with females as well, where not every female is the same. So again, is the fact that this whole cookie cutter approach of pharmaceutical drugs out there is that taking care of the knees, absolutely not. And this is where you need to find the right waste in terms of doing so. Unfortunately, the three liter government agency has been trying to control that and saying that the way that the customized therapy and the company pharmacies getting involved, and even doctors was prescribing, it should not be the case that the pharmaceutical means and says what’s available is much safer, which they don’t have data about. But this is the points that like I said, when you rely on solely on the information coming from the government agency head, it’s always an issue in terms of who are they trying to help, which is a big pharma, and not about your own health and your advocacy in terms of protecting your rights of accessing, safe and effective and as well as a customized approach and doing hormone therapy. And so this is what I really been working on since last year. Obviously, pandemic was a big point. But this is the some some of the decisions that came through from the three letter government agency had that cause a lot of problem. And so I would love to share this more and more with your patients. And I’ve been doing that in my Instagram page as well. Doing so through social media. So I appreciate the opportunity. Yeah. And I appreciate your perspective and expertise in all this. I think it’s it’s interesting

Unknown Speaker 14:14
that as you look across so many different aspects, if not all of them of our society, you see, really, really really big entities like Amazon coming and wiping out small, small retailers. And then you see big restaurants wiping out small restaurants and

Unknown Speaker 14:36
I don’t need to go down a conspiratorial kind of a well here, but it’s never made any sense to me that that I would want a solution that just came right out of a box. I consider myself to be an individual, and why would I not treat my body and my health and my well being from an individualized standpoint. So instead of just opening

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Picking up a box of pills off the shelf and popping them and eating them or whatever, why wouldn’t I want to figure out, okay, based on what my genetic makeup is the way my body responds, my allergies, my preferences, why wouldn’t I want to customize a medical plan or a treatment plan, a wellness plan to match up with who I am and where I’m going? Yes, that’s where the overall future is going to be happening more and more. It’s not about the pill taking, it’s about the individual rights and the makeup and customizing all that. I mean, medicine has evolved so much right now. Right. But why are we still looking at this in a 2d approach where or even 1d For instance, it’s just, you know, if you have an X disease, and if that’s the case, then you give why medication, right? Why can’t it be in terms of the more three dimensional approach where you’re looking at the issue? Okay, then what is causing the issue? And what can we do about it is the biggest thing that we have to really look at, not just anything else. Yeah, it’s, you know, it at some level I empathize with, with the government and these three letter organizations that, let’s just assume that that that they want people to be healthy. Well, it’s impossible for them to do that for 350 million people. So their only option is to say, this is great, it’s gonna help take it, so I get it. But that’s just, that’s just, I’m just not going to end there. I am going to do the things that you’ve been advocating and be an advocate for myself. Absolutely. So I hope every listeners out there even though this is a short recording that you know what one of the key take message if you haven’t got anything is to empower yourself and remember that the doctor the future is you that you need to be in charge of everything. I love it. The doctor of the future is you

Unknown Speaker 17:03
Well, John, thank you so much for coming on. Give us the places where people can get in touch where where know we could find you on Instagram. Give me that again. But give me a website’s however else people can connect with you. Absolutely. My website is www.dr Kim is Dr. K I m That’s my website. You can also book a console if you need to speak to me directly. I’m available through virtually as well as in person on my practices in Mendham New Jersey. So if you’re in a tri state area, if you want to come by and see me in person, I’m always available. And the best way also these days is through social media. So I’m very active on Instagram. My Instagram page is Dr. Dr. Dot John Jo HN dot farm de PHAR en D as in dog.

Unknown Speaker 17:56
Love it. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so John, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Dr. Kim wellness calm, that’s Dr. K I m and find him on A RM D. And I’ll list all those in the notes of the show. Thanks again, John. Thank you so much. And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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