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Energy Management for Women Leaders

Angie Monko July 30, 2023

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Energy Management for Women Leaders


Do you find yourself falling short of getting done what you want to in a day? Do you complete your work day, whether in a corporate environment or in a home office, feeling like you didn’t prioritize your day well?

It could be because you didn’t have enough physical energy to accomplish what you wanted, or maybe you didn’t have enough mental energy to focus and plan your day well.  Either way, energy management is vital to your happiness, success, and fulfillment.

This blog will give you ideas for how to maximize your energy in the workplace by having a solid daily energy routine. Energy management is the ability to manage your limited stores of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. It starts at home, in your own body, heart, mind and soul, and it hugely impacts your workplace environment.

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Effective Energy Management in the Workplace


What does effective energy management in the workplace even look like? It is you feeling organized, efficient, and focused on what your business goals are and implementing them.

When you are grounded like this, it has a huge impact on your team’s ability to be productive too because they pick up on your energy.

Pick a Goal That Excites You


To manage your energy, the first step is to decide what you want to achieve (your key operating indicators) that would bring you joy and satisfaction. Why? Having a direction or focus on how to USE your energy will naturally drive you toward that result.

Pick an Activity That Leads to the Goal



For example, if you’re an entrepreneur, you need to know how to set appointments with potential clients and ask them to work with you.

There are multiple ways to do this: attraction-based marketing to draw in your ideal client on the internet, such as with SEO; networking at places where your ideal client hangs out; calling on people; interacting with your potential client on LinkedIn, etc. The idea is to pick a main activity that gets you results and then stick to the process consistently.

Does the Activity Feel Safe?



This process sounds simple, and yet there are many ways to drain your energy and not stick to a simple process, because on an underlying level, getting clarity to do what is needed to be successful, feels unsafe.

I’ll say it again because this is such an important point.

If you’re struggling to manage your energy or focus with key objectives, success stays out of your reach because, for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel safe. Therefore, a huge part of energy management is figuring how to feel safe while taking actions that lead to success.

Incorporating Energy Management into Your Routine



Before you begin your workday, develop an energy routine at home that makes you feel like you’re standing on solid ground.  You should have a more felt sense of safety after doing it. Meaning, your nervous system should feel more calm than before you did it.

A good routine will organize your mind and focus your energy on what’s important to you.

Assessing Your Current Routine


Do you currently do an energy management routine, or do you just hop out of bed and get straight to your busy day?  If you do the latter, chances are you will feel scattered and flighty and not as effective as you could otherwise.

If you ARE doing an energy routine, is it working well for you? Do you feel better afterwards?

Creating a Daily Energy Management Plan



When creating a routine, it’s SO important to do something that you enjoy.  If you like to write to release your feelings, then consider getting a gorgeous journal and making it a special time just for you.

If you like to talk to someone to process your emotions and you’re a kinesthetic learner , you could learn Emotional Freedom Technique (a/k/a tapping or EFT) and talk and tap at the same time. Of course you can hire a coach or therapist to help you process your feelings, but this routine is meant to be done by yourself.

Doing a movement practice like yoga or stretching or a mindset practice like meditation is also wonderful.

One of my favorite energy management routines is doing Donna Eden’s daily energy routine. Donna is an icon in energy medicine.  The basic routine takes 5 minutes. I’ve added stuff I’ve learned from her over the years, and so it takes me 10 minutes.

My husband, Steve, and I do it together. At the end we add an extra 5 minutes to do some extra things on each other’s backs, such as the spinal flush.  So this daily practice takes us 15 minutes, and it’s well worth it.

Tips for Staying Consistent and Making it a Habit



Like with any habit, it takes about 21 days to create new neural pathways in your brain of daily consistent effort; think of a newly trodden path in the woods.  It takes 91 days to make the habit solid–think of a highway.

To create a new habit, it’s important to make a decision that you really want something. The pain of the change needs to be less than the pain brought about by the current habit. Otherwise, you won’t feel urgent enough to do anything about it.

I think this is why we have a hard time starting an energy management routine. We don’t understand the immediate, direct benefits. Whatever pain you might be experiencing because of avoiding thoughts, feelings and sensations that drain your energy isn’t apparent. This numbing effect creeps into your life as a habit that flies under the radar.

But I assure you, committing to a daily energy practice has a cumulative effect. It makes you more resilient to handle life’s challenges, more present, more fully alive.

Managing Energy in the Workplace


So how does having a good energy management routine translate to your workplace effectiveness?

Setting Boundaries and Prioritizing Self Care


Many of us women are workaholics as a means to avoid feeling our painful emotions. We stay super busy to avoid difficult conversations, and we lack the time and patience to address difficult relationship issues. They feel like “just one more thing to do.”

We don’t feel safe in our body because our nervous system is either revved up or crashing. Hence, we are too hyped up or exhausted to prioritize ourselves.

If you were able to slow down and be with yourself, you’d set boundaries around how busy you are, such as limiting your work hours and spending more quality time with the people you love.

You work long hours and convince yourself you have to, to pay the bills, to not let someone down, to not get too far behind, etc.

Only you can decide you’re worth it and begin to prioritize self care. When you do, everyone in your team will sense you’re somehow different, more relaxed, fun to be around.

Encouraging Healthy Habits Among Colleagues


When your co-workers or team members see you working late hours, as if it’s a competition, they will feel obligated to do the same thing. Similarly to how we influence our children, we impact those we work with. Monkey see–monkey do.  Don’t you want to be the best role model you can be? It starts with taking care of your limited energy stores.

Creating a Positive and Supportive Work Environment


If you’re stretched thin and heading towards burnout, which is encouraging your team to live a similar lifestyle, how can you be really present to them? You can’t.

I know you’re doing your best, given your current beliefs and drive to succeed, but if you check in with your heart, are you really living your best life?

Or do you sense that there is more that you haven’t tapped into–more quality connection, more laughter, more joy, more humor, more presence?

By stepping up to living a higher quality lifestyle where you manage your energy, you automatically create a more positive and supportive work environment.



You only have so much energy.  Instead of running on autopilot and allowing unchecked habits of workaholism and busyness to drive your nervous system and body into the ground, what if you paused…

Get clear and excited about what you want to achieve. This enthusiasm will propel your energy forward. Then discern what is the main activity that will allow you to achieve your desired goal.

If you resist this activity, it’s an indication that it doesn’t feel safe to you on some level. The energy routine you choose should help you to connect with and understand yourself better. It should allow you to get in touch with your body and help you feel safer to do this key activity. It should be enjoyable.

By staying consistent with your energy routine and prioritizing self-care, you’ll establish healthy boundaries around your time, valuing much more how you spend your time. By being this role model, you’ll encourage healthy habits among your team, and you’ll create a positive and healthy work environment.  You have much to gain by managing your energy in the workplace.

Your workplace culture, productivity, and employee well-being will drastically improve because YOU changed. It all starts with you.
If you’d like support in managing your energy, please schedule time to chat with me. My intimate women’s group launches next on 8/14/23. 8 slots left.
Much Love,
Angie Monko,
Life Coach for Intuitive Women Leaders

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