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Emotional Eating with Danielly Rocha-Lanter

George Grombacher July 26, 2023

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Emotional Eating with Danielly Rocha-Lanter

LifeBlood: We talked about overcoming emotional eating, understanding our deep connection to food, addressing the trauma we may have around it, and what to do about it with Danielly Rocha-Lanter, Certified Personal Trainer, corporate wellness provide and Founder of Danielly’s Fitness.      

Listen to learn how long it will take to overcome your patterns of emotional eating!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Danielly Rocha-Lanter

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:00
Hey, what’s this George G and the time is right welcome today’s guest strong a powerful Danieli Roccia Lanter Danieli. Are you ready to do this?

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 0:09
Yes, thanks so much for having me here.

george grombacher 0:11
excited to have you back on the show Daniel. He is the founder of Danielle’s fitness she’s Certified Personal Trainer provider of corporate wellness, helping people train their bodies and their minds. Danieli again, welcome back. Tell us about your personal lives more about your work, why you do what you do?

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 0:30
Of course, yeah. So I am, if you haven’t heard me before, I am from Brazil. And I can most telling you a little bit about my story. I came to America in 2009 to the USA. And I started when I came here, you come you leave your culture, you leave your family behind. So you come to a different situation, different lifestyle. And he starts to get to know a little bit about fast food, rush, lifestyle, work, work work, and they start getting a lot of waves, a lot of weight, and a high cholesterol. And so I tried to find a lot of shortcuts when it comes to America. Like someone that wants to try to lose weight in the beginners. They tried to lose weight, they tried to find a shortcut, because in more for me, like add of add people, ADHD, we look for shortcuts, it’s too hard for us to focus too long in the future. So we want to something fast. So I did I took diet pills. I went through crazy diets liquid diet, but books about diet. Did I finish with them? No, because I try for one week and do like

not my lifestyle. And I tried different cardio, a lot of hours of cardio. I took I went to AAA, fa which is a food Addicts Anonymous is like a British exchange for food. Instead of alcohol.

I tried everything. I tried cardio hours and hours, I didn’t lose weight and lose 10 pounds. But it’s normal. I was like everybody else. We are China shortcuts. We are not training our mind. We’re not training your body so I can go back. And I took the diet pills even gave me an ulcer, which took me years to heal in my intestines, which had so many exams and exams exams to find out why I was having pots in my my intestines, and came from the diet pills. So I try and after that it started studying about it. Weight loss, and I started studying like exercise nutrition. But the reality is, I don’t know I probably told you before, I just like to tell people always started I was watching TV, WW II and one for you channel but it’s not that the world is just like is the web is about WWE for the E Chandos only about the girls. And I was watching I was buying liver and watching them and then like, how can you have that body and I cannot. That was exactly the day that I decided to study. That was the day because I saw the girl’s body and they’re like, Wow, we could do it. And now let me tell you that who influenced me, makes me try to lose weight. Because I saw those work bodies those girls have like, and that’s the time I started studying like crazy. I started really learning about nutrition. And after that I became a trainer. But I realized that for me to train my clients, I could do a beautiful exercise and beautiful Yeah, like the best personal trainer because again, beautiful exercise. But I have to train the client’s mind for them to train the body because I couldn’t do a bit of exercise. But if they ate the emotions tomorrow or later after my exercise will be all gone. It doesn’t matter. So I had to train the mind. So I started studying a lot about the more about the mindset I already studied applying myself by went deeper. I want to start neurolinguistics life coaching about trauma trauma has a such a big impact how you’re dealing for emotions. And again, I like to explain people how emotional eating it is emotional eating is comes from your childhood or you have a baby so you know like when your baby first feeling they have about food and relationships with law. Have is through the breast milk, or the feeding through a bottle was the whole thing that the first relationship you have with your mouth with your sensation of love and eating. And after that the baby started growing. And a lot of times the baby does still start eating food, but they wanted the relationship with feeding in the mouth and bras, even if they don’t read it, the brass male, the brass, but they are our eyes to one of that relationship, the comb sensation. And they start getting older and older and their emotions we start, we started teaching the kids unconscious, about like, oh, let’s have a treat. Because you did good. Let’s have let’s have ice cream, because you happy. So we started teaching there about emotions and relationships with a food teacher about pizza, screen cookies, everything. And both becomes part of our, of our relationship of your daily lives like Christmas. Thanksgiving are related to food, even funerals, we have food, foods, really parties tradition is a tradition in all countries. So let’s say you stress and you’re stressed out because you have a big day, your boss, you didn’t like what your boss told you, when you have an exhausting day for work. And you want it to feel calm. So you go all the way to your unconscious mind. Food means love means calming. So a lot of times you’d like you stress out, you would have the ice cream, because you wanted that sensation, this unconscious, it’s feeling the calming and loving that you’re walking all the way. From that time that first time you would let your learn about love. So that’s a lot of science showing that that first sensation comes from the first sensation of emotional eating comes from the childhood. And we are learning patterns over and over again, that’s different types of food, which becomes a tradition. And another thing is, we try to so that’s what I try to bring to my clients to understand the relationship of food. Or when let’s say you have a long day of stress of work, a lot of people come in bring for a glass of wine, because that to feel relax. So they started makes they start putting like a bandaid on the feelings over the alcohol. Because they weren’t. They’re feeling the sensation of feeling relaxed of that glass of wine, which again, later can become a habit. And that’s the dangerous part when you food becomes a habit.

george grombacher 8:09
super powerful. Yeah, super powerful. And it makes perfect sense. All of it does, right? We just bought it with a guy ever. I think a lot about the negative and limiting beliefs and how those lead to bad interactions with our finances. But it’s essentially the same thing. If I’m soothed and I’m relating food and with with with wonderful things and safety and comfort, well then why would I just turn to that like a pacifier?

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 8:41
Exactly in everything. And we as new parents, and you have three so you as a parent, you would do these unconscious because we want to do best you want to fulfill your kids love, which we rallied, we arrived to do that. Because everything’s about the char fulfilling the kids love giving the brass giving the mail, give him the food that they want, while letting life we’d need to understand is teaching them about the value of the food, not like oh, you have good grades, let’s have ice cream. Oh, you’re in timeout, you’re not gonna have your dessert today. So that’s the mistake that end up happening too. And, and that’s what I’m here to teach my clients. I have this program that people go through all the access the unconscious mind to understand the feelings and thoughts how they their relationship with food, but not only that heal, or trauma, trauma that has been there. But I’m not and we also provide life coach. I have a two life coach, they are part of my team. So our clients go and talk to them. So that way they can helping them because we are not here to give people’s answers. I’m not there. therapist, I am a life coach. But I’m not here to give you an answer. I mean, he here to give you the exercise to find out why you have the emotion. So, in my company, we people going to exercise to release the emotions, you’re going to learn about nutrition to understand what the relationship you have with your food to understand the nutrition behind your food, you are what you eat, let the food be your medicine lead, that’s gonna be your food, your gods, for you to be happy, your guts needs to be worked properly, so you have to eat properly. And you’re gonna, you’re gonna go through the mindfulness, work on yourself every day, through meditation, mindfulness exercise, and trying to understand every day, learn how to say no to things. When you want to go through our diets. And people like Oh, I’m on diets, I wanted to I, you tell the person you’re on a diet and the person trying to convince you to eat that’s, like, let’s say you go out to someone, and you tell No, I don’t eat that today. And the other person, I keep hearing, please just eat, try buy food, you can start to die tomorrow. So he’s about who. And then Latino families. I’m a Latina. So I can say that it’s part of our culture, you look, you know, if you don’t meet your mom’s food, that’s kinda like upsetting. And if you tell people, your aunt or your grandma or your family that you don’t want or the food because you’re on a diet, it’s hard. It’s tough on them. And it’s hard to say no to them. So learn how to say no, it’s something that I teach you my programs.

george grombacher 11:51
Yeah, well, that certainly makes sense as much as, as I, the consumer of the food, do it to satiate and to address unaddressed trauma and to find safety and comfort. Folks who express their love through cooking and feeding, that’s, it’s, that is their, that is something that they potentially need to work on, but difficult for us to be in the situation where they’re trying to give us their love. And we’re saying no, thank you, because we’re trying to change our behaviors. So I appreciate what you’re just saying. And I just I don’t think this is probably an accurate statement 10 years ago, it will be 20 years from now it certainly is today that we need to be addressing these underlying problems because you got an ulcer from taking diet pills and now we’re we’ve got all these miracle weight loss drugs on the market, which are destroying our bodies, and I just did a long rant on this a couple of weeks ago, people have no idea the negative impacts that diet pills have on their bodies. So to actually get down to the root cause which is what you’re talking about, I think is so important.

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 13:01
Yeah, I tell the way I tell clients like this is like you know, when you cut the weeds, you have grass in your house you cut the weeds on the top, but it keeps going back this is according to do what do you take diet pills, you can’t keep the weights coming back over and over again you lose four surmount and have to go back you have to remove the roots you have to go deep deep deep deep go really can remove the roots for the Weeds don’t grow up again don’t grow again. So weight loss the same thing you have to dig deep you have to remove the roots of your problem what is the root of your problem is a pack that you don’t want to see no or it is rabbits so what I’m going to thing would do is a family is a family tree so in the family tree doesn’t matter if you’re if you’re not blood related or not. You learn patterns from watching other people over and over again so behaves that you have in for your parents but not B doesn’t matter if your blood or not because you seem them and conscious the way you talk to your kids the way some the way you act some sort of ways you can ping from your parents so so when the family tree Wheedle Modus we check what is the behavior you have? What is it behave and you’re going to even learn that either you want to keep going if the behave and you will undo a huge family tree like first of my family, we are workaholics and I noticed that like my parents my my family’s divided by Monday my my father’s side my mom’s it’s like all the families they workaholics trying to get together and I went to the same pattern. So now that I know that now that brought to the paper because every time you bring something on paper You, you come to the conscious mind, everything unconscious, you work to the conscious. So that way, you will learn Oh, okay, slip, do I want to keep going? Or do I want to stop? And that’s the time. So we do that and we do for family like if you see eating problems or alcohol, a lot of times when you do a family tree to see Oh, my grandfather was an alcoholic? My answer was workaholic or parts are made of rock or alcohol. And you go on and they’re not on this cup of divorce for alcohol. And I see clients doing that, I see clients off also about divorce, I noticed patterns that they a lot of the families are divorce everyone, most everyone the family so we saw patterns over and over again. So there are a lot of patterns is like, it’s like, you know, when you have a bad relationship and the person have another relationship is also a bad relationship. Because then that person trying to find someone you’re like, why wouldn’t someone’s different this time but you find the same type of person over and over again, their patterns that the needs to be broken. So put on the paper and learn what it is, is like a waking up call it like you open your eyes is like you put a lens isn’t glasses, they how you’re going to see the world difference.

george grombacher 16:26
Yeah, I love it. We all follow predictable patterns and habits. And some of those are beneficial to us. But unfortunately, many of them keep us stuck where we are and actually move us further away from the lives that we truly want. So I appreciate that. I’m sure that some people grab a hold of it quickly and some people never do. How long is the program.

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 16:49
So the program are eight weeks. So in eight weeks a little It’s is a little bit intense. So what it is it is every day, you’re gonna you’re gonna receive a workout plan, which you have a trainers to support you. Also you can have access to personal training online that our trainers can give a class online one on one. And these these eight weeks, you’re going to exercise every day, we’re going to create how to you have to exercise everyday people are able to exercise three times a week now you’re gonna move your body every day, your day off means that you’re going to walk for 10 minutes, you have to we have to create a habit, every one that I I’ve been in these industries for so long personal training, everyone that sign up in the gym, and they started three times a week. Believe me, I think like 80% They stopped because they did not create a habit they like going today I’m going tomorrow. Today, next week, you have to go every day because you are trying to create a behave a new behave, another cognitive behavior that you did not have to find you have to be doing everyday. So even like go there for five minutes, walk on the treadmill and come back home in half to show up. So you have to work out every day. You have a workout plan for you. And we have people monitoring check Hey are you doing hey I noticed you didn’t check in what’s going on. And after that an everyday you also going to the mind part or program is divided in two parts the body and mind the body is the exercise. The mind exercise is videos there max of 20 in the Sundays like to 10 minutes. So things like five minutes that you have to watch one video every day. And that is exercise like present the first the second day we talk about drawing, you have to do three drawings, how you draw how you see yourself, was it biggest problem? What is the solution, again is another way to activate the unconscious mind. And you have a small group that you work first of all line that you have to go back to the group and say hey, this is what for me today. Take a picture. And it’s like 10 people Max each groups like you have your own online support in that group. And an online support show every day for eight weeks. So the the reality five, four weeks is only work on your mind. And after that the four weeks after, you’re going to meditate every day. So every day you’re going to have a listen to a meditation that’s designed for the program, about the mind transformation every day. So the eight weeks is like this. Four weeks working exercise doing exercise moving your body, learning about Nutricia the mind transformation you’re going to learn about yourself and after that you still exercise for eight weeks and if not last four weeks, you’re going to do meditate Should meditating every day. We tried to create a habit and you have people to monitoring you, to help you like if you have questions, and you have also also have a trainer or someone to answer and one group, some people have access to life coaching. We have a VIP. They have a two private life coaching to help them every four weeks to help them to keep going, pushing them to answer all the questions and helping them to find the answers.

george grombacher 20:35
I love it. I love how thoughtful you’ve been about incorporating all the different all the different elements from community to just just all the support and the accountability. And it all makes perfect sense to me. So I love it. How do people how do people take advantage? How can people learn more and get involved?

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 20:56
So we they can go to my website, Danielle is and just access the Mind Mind Body Transformation. Or they can go to our Instagram and Ask us and they have a nice team that always helped me. And we do personal trainings. Also because some people they don’t know what to do. So we do tell them hey, you can have eight session personal training with the program or for some personal training or just traditional you can do yourself some people already know what to do in the gym. So we just give them workout plans. And they can have they have access. They’re

george grombacher 21:39
excellent. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so Daniella, your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Danielle’s It’s da n IELLYS And specifically we’ve been talking about today is the mind body transformation. So you’ll find that on the site, but then check out all the other great resources that Danielle is offering. And finally break that cycle of losing weight, gaining it back losing weight, gaining it back and get the lifestyle that you truly want. Thanks.

Danielly Rocha-Lanter 22:16
Thank you. I’ve been there. So I do understand everyone where they come from.

george grombacher 22:20
Yeah, me too. Now is your time. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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