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Deuterium Depleted Water with Victor Sagalovsky

George Grombacher October 7, 2022

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Deuterium Depleted Water with Victor Sagalovsky

LifeBlood: We talked about deuterium depleted water, what deuterium is and why it’s dangerous, the positive effects of limiting it, and what to do about it, with Victor Sagalovsky, CEO of Litewater, polymath, and health optimization expert. 

Listen to learn how to know how much deuterium is in your body! 

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Victor Sagalovsky

Episode Transcript

left with this is George G and the time is right. welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Victor Sokolowski Victor how you ready to do this. Yes, thanks for having me. I’m excited to have you on. Victor is the CEO of lightwater scientific. He’s a polymath help optimization expert, product innovator. Victor, tell us a bit about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do?

Unknown Speaker 0:40
Well, I do what I do, because I like, I like feeling good. That’s the most important thing. So when I started out, I wasn’t feeling so good, or in my early 20s. And I wanted to find out why. And as soon as I figure that part out, I like I like, I like having energy. I like never having fatigue. I like being sharp, optimally. I like always being in that in that state of, of optimal health. So these are some of the things that I’ve researched, and really spent a lot a lot of time acquiring for myself, and I like to share it with others. Rice won’t certainly appreciate that. I think that

Unknown Speaker 1:21
Well, I assume that everybody wants to feel that way. Right. But but maybe that’s not true. But you weren’t feeling well. How did that? Well, I mean, I think I learned early on in my life that that I needed to stay clear of doctors. So my by my early 20s, I had realized that there was nobody that was going to help me. Right, that that no matter what state of health I was in that I had to figure this out for myself at least myself being stubborn individual that I am, and somebody that always questions everything, as a as an armchair by gerontologist armchair biochemist, just somebody that started out that that, that, you know, I got to 20 years old before I realized that you are what you eat. And some people go through their entire life and never get there. So as soon as I found that out, that was a huge revelation, which led me in the path of what interventions can we do to extend our life, increase our health? What are the most important things, what’s the what’s the manual, we come in, we come into this world with this with this incredible human body, but we don’t have the manual of how to operate it. And all the ways all the manuals that I read were just didn’t didn’t make any sense to me. So there are certain things that that certain interventions that we have, that can get us to certain places easier places that we want to be places where we have energy and youth for as long as we can possibly have it. And one of those things that I discovered on my journey is deuterium depletion. And this to me was the crown on the Christmas tree. So I pursued it for years, decades even.

Unknown Speaker 3:05
So and we got to where we are today. And, and I like to share this revelation. Among among all the revelations that there are for optimal health. This to me is most important, which is known as deuterium depletion. And most people never even heard the word deterring them. So there we are, you can count me in that group.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
I’m looking at this word. I’m like do Terry two two, how do I how do I ever pronounce it? Do terrarium with terrier. Yeah, and and the truth is, if we had, if we had a good even public school education, in chemistry, we would know what that word is because it’s an isotope of hydrogen. And that was a huge revelation is discovery 1932 was a huge revelation. Because if we didn’t discover that hydrogen actually has other forms of it, then we wouldn’t have had the Atomic Age. Without the Terran we wouldn’t have had atomic bombs or atomic energy. That was a massive revelation. So

Unknown Speaker 4:01
it’s something that should be known about in terms of even on the periodic table, but it’s also the most natural contaminant that there is it’s it’s the oldest and contaminant there. And it’s the most ubiquitous and each of us have about a gram to two grams of this stuff in our bodies. So the goal is to reduce the amount that you have because it is wreaking havoc on our biology and our ability to produce not only energy but our ability to replicate our enzymes and DNA and everything properly to keep this keep this body going as youthful for as long as possible. So this is a and the difference between deuterium and irregular hydrogen because we all heard the word hydrogen we must have because you need two hydrogens and one oxygen to make water h2o. So in water, instead of you think we think water is h2o, but if you take a liter of water, okay, that’s

Unknown Speaker 5:00
33 and some and some ounces of water, which is essentially 20,000 drops of water in that 20,000 drops of h2o, you’re gonna have six drops of what’s h D O D being deuterium. And all it is it’s just a heavier version of hydrogen, but it’s twice as heavy. It’s double the mass. So it wreaks havoc everywhere in our bodies at the nano level, where we make energy inside our mitochondria, where it’s looking for a hydrogen or regular one known as ProTeam, which is one proton, one electron. And instead he gets his deuterium, which is twice as heavy, it’s twice as heavy because it also has a neutron. And our and our, our bio production, or bioenergetic. Production pathways don’t like this at all, don’t like this deuterium. And we keep getting hit by it right over and over and over as we produce energy. And this is, this is something that

Unknown Speaker 5:57
nature has evolved to deal with. But we have too much deuterium on the planet right now, as odd as that sounds, we need to lower it in our bodies by at least 20% to get into an optimal form, where we’re where we can manage it to have a nice, happy, healthy, long life, you know, light on our feet. So this is this is the big revelation because it’s a very easy intervention that we can all do is drink deuterium depleted water, that allows us to lower our deuterium levels in our bodies by 20%. And then we get the benefits of a deuterium depleted body. And some people already get this because they live in areas of the Earth, rare places, or not too many people live, where they already get the benefit of drinking water that’s 20% or more reduced and deuterium, everybody else. We have to buy it from our company, lightwater scientific. So but it’s a it’s a new standard and water purity. It’s a revelation, because in terms of water purity, 40 years ago, we didn’t know we needed to take arsenic and lead out we didn’t have reverse osmosis membranes. And in the future, everybody’s going to understand that you have to reduce or if you can remove in its entirety, this HDL molecule from water, which is where the deuterium shows up.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Nice. Okay. So that’s the Crash Course for how did you figure this out?

Unknown Speaker 7:29
There’s a lot of science on this, who figured it out originally was these two, a gerontologist and a biophysicist in the University of Tomsk in the late 50s, in Siberia, and they were looking at these two populations of Siberian people and wanted to see why they had so many more centenarians and everywhere else. In the Soviet republics and Europe, in general, they had 324 centenarians per 1 million were and they were living in Eskimo like conditions, whereas everybody else had like, eight to 10 centenarians per million. So they wanted to understand what it was. And eventually they honed in on the fact that they’re drinking glacial water that were 16% lower and deuterium. And this set off this science that’s been around now for almost 75 years. And the end, I got I read an article in 2004. And to me, it made a incredible amount of sense that this is if you want if you want to save your mitochondria if you want to have the ability to even produce new mitochondria which is myogenesis right?

Unknown Speaker 8:39
If you want to if you want to stay if you want to stay younger longer if you want to slow down the aging process, you have to address this deuterium problem nothing else is really going to do it and it’s a new concept because it’s a well it SR like I said it’s not it’s new and not new it’s new in the sense that we’ve only been able to produce this water and make it available to North American consumers since 2019. But the science goes back 75 almost 80 years so it’s it’s phenomenal because it really works and and what what’s working is when you lower your body’s deuterium level your mitochondria can produce more energy and when it produces more energy, you and me and every everything in nature that everything every every every body is a self healing organism right it will heal on its own if given the right energy, the right nutrients and the right amount of energy. So this this helps that quite a bit more than anything else I’ve ever found. And I’ve been I’ve been a health product developer and health coach and just you know, I’m interested in researching how to you know selfishly how to stay younger longer, right and but forever but for myself and everybody because I think this is this is the greatest quest that we can possibly have. While we’re alive is

Unknown Speaker 10:00
to figure out what how this how this body works, and if it’s an if you know that people live 2000 years in the past that says so in some in some books that have survived that over that time. So we have this ability now that we’ve entered this space age that we’re in to get to the point where we can extend our human lifespan. And this is one of those greatest interventions that I’ve ever discovered. And I think in in time, people are going to realize that it’s, it really is the crown on the Christmas tree of longevity and biohacking. Nice. All right, so the regular water that I’m drinking just just the, the water that I’m consuming has too much detail barium,

Unknown Speaker 10:42
deuterium, probably where you are, your water is about 150 parts per million. And if you’re drinking a water that, let’s say is 120 parts per million, the amount of energy that that saves you that conserves over a lifetime or over a year over over a decade. It’s enormous. It’s, it’s, it’s phenomenal. So people that live in areas, naturally, where the water is lower and deuterium, they have a, they have a better shot at this. And there’s studies to back this up, there’s, like I said, the decades of literature on this stuff, it’s just not well known about like, you know, a lot of things. But

Unknown Speaker 11:21
it’s something that it’s changed my life, and it’s changed the lives of every every one of the customers, it’s been with us for the for this time that we’ve been selling this water. And the water is is like I said, the water is just meant for you to reduce your body’s deuterium levels. And we started a laboratory to test your deuterium levels. So what people do is they, they buy our water, which is super determined up to water, it’s 10 parts per million. And then they diluted, they dilute it with their regular water, or they just, or they just drink one or two bottles of it and drink everything else they’re doing. And then at the end of the day, as long as you put in water that has less deuterium, that the water in the water in your body, there’s a scientific process in chemistry known as hydrogen exchange, you will release dump some of that other heavier hydrogen water, the heavy water, it’s called or semi heavy water. So we want to get rid we want to reduce this heavy water that’s in our bodies. And it’s a new type of intervention, because you’re not it’s not about putting something in it’s about taking something out.

Unknown Speaker 12:27
Got it? Okay. And so the idea is that my mitochondria is having to deal with this and devote resources towards getting rid of this excess deuterium. So yes, in 2007, it was finally discovered, because it was known about for 60 years that it does the damage, and when you reduce it, there’s less damage when you increase it, there’s more damage and exponentially in both directions. But in 2007, it was discovered how it actually does the damage. And this is a mechanical problem. Inside our mitochondria. We have something in the electron transport chain at the end of the electron transport chain, we have something known as ATP synthase nano motors. These are actual motor generators that spin up to 9000 RPM to produce ATP in our body. Now they spin because they get a bunch of protons that come in hydrogen protons, but every five seconds instead of a proton coming in, you have a proton neutron pair, that’s the deuterium. So that hits the motor that causes it to stutter causes it to torque. And over time, break down what causes when something stutters like that that’s being held by a membrane, eventually weakens that membrane once the membrane is weakened, and then you have leakage. That’s it eventually that’s that’s the starting point for the end of that mitochondria and eventually ended that cell. So when we’re young, a cell may have 60,000 mitochondria or when we’re 50 years down the line, we may have 600. So the mitochondria little factories and once they’re gone, they’re very hard to replace. And it all starts these ATP synthase nano motors that produce the ATP energy that runs our biology. So every 5.5 seconds, if you’re drinking water, that’s 150 PPM and you get it from food to primarily your motors are getting impinged upon they’re getting they’re getting hit by something that doesn’t fit inside they’re like a square peg in a round hole. And this is just a mechanical problem now we try to limit it but unfortunately because of the where we are right now in time how much deuterium we have on our planet. We’ve Out Run it we basically out run so we need to reduce it a bit and then we’re and then we’re okay. It’s a it’s it’s simple, but it’s profound. And it’s a you know, if I have seen further it’s because I stood on the shoulders of giants. This is a this is a great this is a great thing. Unfortunately you have to you know, it’s it’s you have to pay for water, that’s expensive. Yeah, you can do that. Now with this knowledge. You can do it. You can do

Unknown Speaker 15:00
You can get there somewhat without drinking deuterium depleted water, which doesn’t it’s not that expensive compared to eat, you know drinking Starbucks every day. But you can know that keto ketogenic diet fasting, these are deuterium depletion strategies. And and and you can learn more about this, like we have so much information on this and you could learn what the term is doing to your body and then you can educate yourself understand that this is, this is one of those hidden mechanisms of aging. And it’s been discovered. And now we just have to learn how it affects us. And this is the new science of due to nomics, which is growing in biochemistry.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
Exciting. And so you figured out and developed a process for filtering the water and removing? Well, I didn’t, you know, there’s there’s three, maybe four factories on the planet that can do this. I tried to figure it out on my own. And then I, when I went to Russia now interesting little bit of history about me, I came here from the Soviet Union when I was seven years old.

Unknown Speaker 16:04
So I went looking for this stuff. This stuff started in the Soviet Union in Russia. So I went over there. Luckily, I still spoke the language. So I was able to find the people that were doing this, and it was a very, very difficult process, you need a big factory, you need tons of equipment, it’s just, it’s just massive, nothing I could have done on my own. It takes some serious, serious science know how an industrial process. So that’s where that’s I went over there. And, and now we have it over here. And, and

Unknown Speaker 16:36
so yeah, I got I got fortunate in that sense. But there’s, there’s because it’s such a energy intensive process. It’s an expensive water. And there’s four companies on the planet that make this stuff. So we’re one of them. And,

Unknown Speaker 16:51
and I’m very happy to share this with you. Nice. I think it’s fascinating. So super grateful that there’s smart people like you out there who are thinking about this stuff, and they can actually figure out how to, you know, for lack of a better term, manufacture it, and then put it into our hands so that we can enjoy all the benefits that that that you’re talking about. So how much how much is the water, Victor? Said $1,000.

Unknown Speaker 17:20
So more actually, most people spend about 300 to between 303 50 per month. That’s what they spend. So it becomes you know, for a lot of people can’t afford that. But I have a, what I’ve noticed is we have two types of customers, people that can afford to drink it and people that can’t afford not to drink it. Because of what because of because of the extra, because of the extra boost that it gives you it’s it’s taken away. It’s reducing a burden that is in our biology that is slowing us down. So this is no trivial matter. Because everything. Everything that we eat, puts more and more deuterium in our bodies. And when you when you look at biochemistry, and you look at the water that’s inside our mitochondria, right, because we have bulk water, extracellular water in our body. And then we have a very special structure type of water inside the mitochondria. It’s called metabolic water. And that water when you look at it, study it, you see that it’s 60 to 70% deuterium depleted, you go, wow, the body’s trying to keep this away from these motors. But it can, it gets a spike timing. As soon as you’re born a little bit down the line, you get overrun. And then this aging process starts because you’re overwrought and it just impinges on everything that’s deuterium, and it’s naturally occurring. If you go if we go to Antarctica, we can it’s there it’s 89 parts per million, which is the lowest on the planet. It’s a it that that glacial water is locked in time from 80 million years ago when you had three storey ferns and 10 storey dinosaurs so and things live longer and if you look at nature, you can also see that nature takes a deuterium depletion strategy as well we don’t have time to get into that but the but it’s fascinating how you see once you once you understand this, you see that every animal everything every plant in nature, has a deuterium depletion strategy. Everything in biochemistry has strategy to manage this heavy water. So we’re we’re it’s a it’s it’s very new. It’s very new and you’re gonna you’re gonna hear more about this deuterium problem. Fascinating.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Well, Victor, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you and how can they get where can they buy light light water,

Unknown Speaker 19:44
go to drink lightwater spelled li te W A T E R drink We also have deuterium where you can test yourself. There’s also deuterium which just lists all the study independent site that

Unknown Speaker 20:00
lists all the studies and literature on this if you’re interested in that sense, but on drink There’s a, you can download a free deuterium depletion Guide, which will make you pretty close to an expert pretty quick and you get the information and you’ll understand what it is and understand what you can do about it. Love it. If you enjoyed as much as I did show Victor your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to drink light., Dr. and check out the great resources take advantage of that deuterium deuterium depletion guide that the victor was talking about and find out how it’s affecting you and how limiting it getting rid of it in your body can increase healthspan and lifespan and aging and everything that Victor has been talking about today. Thanks again, Victor. Thank you so much. Appreciate it. And until next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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