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Cold Cases with Alex Baber

George Grombacher January 20, 2022

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Cold Cases with Alex Baber

LifeBlood: We talked about cold cases, how there are over 250,000 and growing, why the problem exists, what can be done about it, and how technology is helping to win the fight against evil with Alex Baber, CoFounder and of Cold Case Consultants of America. 

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

J-Lynn and Alex Baber by Photographer Richard Waine

Alex Baber

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on want to lead? This is George G. And the time is right. Welcome. Today’s guest is strong and powerful. Alex Babor. Alex, are you ready to do this?

Alex Baber 0:20
Absolutely. Let’s go.

george grombacher 0:21
Let’s Let’s go. Alex is the co founder of cold case consultants of America. They’re an agency specializing in unsolved homicides excited to have you on. Alex, tell us a little about your personal life smart about your work and why you do what you do?

Alex Baber 0:37
Well, I’m a former PSL Protective Service Officer. I’ve done diplomatic security details my past a family man, I have a wonderful, beautiful wife, who’s the Assistant Director of CCC OA. And I have four daughters, which are lovely and an older son. And we kind of came with this concept of CCNA. A few years ago, once we discovered the statistics on how many cool cases are out there. I mean, there’s a quarter million unsolved cases and they grow annually. So we figured we’d try to make a dent here and start at the bottom of the summit and see if we can clear some of these out of law enforcement a little bit.

george grombacher 1:14
Nice. Well, I think that that’s like that. That’s incredible. And I thought it was super cool. You are known as modern day Sherlock Holmes and Watson. So is is is is your wife Watson to your Sherlock Holmes?

Unknown Speaker 1:30
Absolutely. She’s, she’s one piece of me going. Awesome. Yeah, she’s a brain. She’s the brains behind the whole complex here.

george grombacher 1:37
Okay, perfect. All right. So you, you said that you are a Public Safety Service Officer,

Unknown Speaker 1:47
Protective Services Officer I did detail for diplomatic personnel that flew in from overseas, you know, some from Turkey. So from Asia, I’d be assigned to them and stateside, make sure they were safe when they’re here and then get them back on a plane, send him back over and then he was done.

george grombacher 2:05
Got it. Make sure that people are safe while they’re here. So tell me a little bit more about your background. How does one all of a sudden acquire the skills necessary to start investigating unsolved murders, homicides.

Unknown Speaker 2:20
When I was younger, I was diagnosed something called perception ism, which is a term now it’s a neurodiversity. I guess that’s the new term that they use. So my brain when I look at something like say, I’m reading a letter or a book, or some kind of a code, word puzzle, when my brain associates everything simple as it is a little bit different to when visual. So basically, when I go through and read some of these court files, or the actual case files, I’m able to pick one things that other individuals may not have.

george grombacher 2:51
Nice, okay, fascinating. So, truly is, you know, the way that that individual looks at things is different than the way another individual looks at something and you actually have some kind of a, I don’t want to call it a genetic predisposition. Perhaps that’s it.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
That is, technically speaking from medical standpoint, that’s what it is. Some people go to gifts, sometimes I go to curse is never goes away. So you know, my brain is always processing something 24/7 Even when I’m sleeping, so it can be a hindrance, but it can also be a benefit. And that’s another reason we open up CCLA and symbol, this wonderful investigative team that I have not put together some of the leading experts in your fields. And now we have like people like her baggage number one forensic document examiner on the team. We have detected pecha Polian, who’s a Officer of the Year award winner, and one of many other combinations over the years. We have Dr. Ahmad Voss is going to leading DNA and apologists in his field. We have Joe Cochran, who’s a Hall of Fame Inductee for true power reporting and broadcasting. He’s going to keep records of everything that we actually tackle here and try to make sure that when this is said and done, there’s as accurate as possible. So and then, of course, we have my wife who she’s going to psychology in forensics and Shelton’s background cyber forensic says it is so you know, we’ve kind of symbol this. They call it the eight team, or your super team, which is good. I mean, so they call me the real Sherlock Holmes and making Sherlock Holmes and her Watson cute monikers. But we’re here to do a job. And, you know, we seem to make a pretty big dent. And we got some real huge releases coming up. As far as news on some of these older cold cases, we’ve done some new forensic testing and got some new evidence out there. We’re gonna release and we’re gonna be able to make a difference, I believe.

george grombacher 4:44
That’s awesome. All right. So there’s this massive number you said 250,000 unsolved cold cases and in constantly growing and just for 1000 different reasons. We are outmatched against the bad people out there. So we don’t just have the resources to be able to dedicate towards solving all these crimes enter you and your organization and the incredible team of people that you’ve assembled. That seems like there’s still a gap between, hey, we’re a team of experts, we can help and work with us, right? Or give us the information? How does how does that

Unknown Speaker 5:21
work here? Well, law enforcement tends to keep a lot of their evidence close to their chest reason being are some guilty evidence, you know, that only perpetrator would know. So when you release the information, especially to public domain, like, say, a FOIA file, Freedom Information Act, or another company like my own, or some of the other leading investigative firms and agencies that are out there, you have to be really careful, because you know, something gets out on the internet, and then you lose that upper hand. But law enforcement has been taking it on the chin, you know, ever since 1980, this number as it has a mass, it’s growing annually. And you know, the bad guys are getting the upper hand, unfortunately, you know, you figure one in every 100 cold cases ever result with conviction. But that’s a that’s an it for just a moment. 100 It’s really hard to swallow, especially for me and my team, there’s a call to action. And CCLA me myself and my wife, and my team have answered that call. And we we feel that we can be an asset and assist law enforcement and trying to lower this number. You know, this is a huge mountain. These cases are families out there. Some of the past on some of these cases are you know, 7060 5040 years old, and the original perpetrators or even the family members are no longer with us. But they hand that off, you know, their sons take up the fight their daughters, two grandchildren. And ultimately, everybody deserves an answer here. And that’s what we’re here to do.

george grombacher 6:52
Yeah, yeah, I grew up in northern Minnesota, Alex, and I’m 43. And there was a boy named Jacob Wetterling that got abducted when I was a kid. And I just read within the last two years that they finally close that case, and it was shocking to me that they had done it, but I can’t even imagine the closure that just the community felt and certainly the family. So when you have an impact, and you’re able to, to bring resolution, just what an incredibly powerful thing

Unknown Speaker 7:24
feels good to know. If I could explain what it feels like to sit with a mother is lost child especially, or you know, a wife has lost a husband and as was lost his wife or parents. It’s very moving, it alters you forever, you’re never the same. You know, when they give you the last words, he spoke to them, say flap, or sometimes they never even really say goodbye. It’s so often happens so quickly. And you know, the children, the women are the ones that really weigh heavy on me. You know, being a man, yourself being a man, you know, it’s an art tonight nature to protect our women or children. Or it shouldn’t be maybe word that, but there’s a lot of predators out there’s a lot of people that do not see it that way. We live in a cynical world, unfortunately. And there’s people out there that will take advantage of a woman or a child without second thought. And you know, if law enforcement enforce, they don’t have the annual annual funding, they need to even have a cold case squad. There’s over 19,000 agencies out there, and about 7% of them have funding annually. So we’re going to try to tackle that Mountain to see if we can get some of the know the state level personnel, governors, representatives, Congressmen involved, see if we can try to get some kind of money to these agencies just so we can have at least one detective working use cases 24/7 Because a lot of them, they you know, after a year or two with no new leads, that’s when it’s considered cold. You file these away, you just hope that one day somebody calls them with a tip or you know, someone remember something might be driving by and say, hey, you know, I’ve never seen a vehicle at this location on that date. And I wasn’t sure initially, or I saw this person in the store, moments before they were abducted, or saw this child down riding your bicycle in the corner. It just takes that one spork. You know that one? One thing that triggers somebody’s memory? And you know, when you do that the House of Cards collapse and you’re able to track down the perpetrator and bring them justice.

george grombacher 9:26
Nice. So how do you decide which cases you’re going to pursue?

Unknown Speaker 9:33
The way we are established? George, we really do not deny anybody that request are no, no, we’re independently funded by ourselves. We have investors monies that have been given to us. In order to tackle these cases. We’ve never accepted one dime from the victim’s family, or from a state or local agency, or Federal Agency for that matter. So we’ve worked pretty much financing this ourselves, you know, my team are true believers, and each and every one of them Have more than integrities. And you know, I’m lucky and honored to be standing with them doing this. And they take each and every one of these cases to heart, it’s personal to them. And we’re like I said, it’s we’re not here to become rich or famous, or try to make a name for ourselves, we just want to make sure we provide answers that are well deserved long overdue.

george grombacher 10:22
I certainly appreciate that. Thank you for thank you for for all of that.

Unknown Speaker 10:26
Thank you, I’m glad you have me here. Because it’s people like you that make this possible, just so you know, each and every person that reaches out for the PR to get us on the air on TV, we’re able to get that in front of another viewer, another listener. And, you know, as you know, I’m sure when you first read the script, you understood that quarter million cold cases a lot, and a lot of people do not realize that the numbers that Hi, you know, that’s, that’s a massive number. And once again, once that sets in, a lot of people are supporting us, we’re gaining momentum, a lot of calls are coming in, a lot of offers to help us are coming in law enforcement agencies are opening their doors to us, which is wonderful, you know, they’re they want to take advantage of us maybe the game, some of this trying to help some nice families out. So I mean, it’s coming together, whatever is happening right now is definitely mind intervention on one level or another.

george grombacher 11:17
Nice. So it seems like there are an awful lot of crime dramas on TV, it seems like that’s probably a really good percentage of, of, of our entertainment. Why do you think that that is, and talk about? I think that as we watch Law and Order or cold case or True Detective, it makes us think that maybe that’s something that anybody could do. But obviously, that’s, that’s that’s not the case.

Unknown Speaker 11:50
All you have to understand all these shows are inaccurate, you know, some of the stuff that they actually portray on on the big screen, in movies or on TV every week, we sit down to watch it are wonderful to watch. Inspirational. You know, you see I grew up in a time where, you know, watch the Lone Ranger and Dirty Harry, and you know, you know, people that, you know, the Batman comics I grew up on where the good guy always wins in the end. That’s how I was raised. That’s my mindset. And, you know, a lot of these shows continue that, with today’s society, you know, at the very end of each show, very few Do you have the bad guy coming out on top, you know, they tried to at least instill the fact that the big guys have the technology, the willpower and the dedication, to solve these crimes. And our society is up on that, you know, since the beginning of time, men have always liked and women have always liked turmoil and chaos, but you always want the winner at the end to come out, you know, whether it be back in the day Roman gladiators or, you know, just the things that happen over the millenniums and the centuries, it’s always shown that our society, our culture, I should say, has always been interested in that. Right now, with our advances in technology, we have the ability to really buckle down and solve a lot of these cases. And you know, the public is drawn to that, you know, everybody loves a good story. Even when it has a bad Foundation, they like to find out at the very end of the bad guys cloth. You know, they want to know he’s not walking around, you know, ducking another child or another woman, you know, are murdering somebody that will never eventually go home to their family.

george grombacher 13:25
Yeah, yeah, we definitely want the good guy or gal to come out on top. And it’s a bummer when they don’t. How do you think about justice? Alex? That’s kind of a big question. But what are your thoughts on that?

Unknown Speaker 13:44
Justice, meaning, our core systems or justices in the perpetrator self tracking down bring the justice? Yes, either beside? Yeah. There’s there’s a lot of things. There’s, there’s people out there, there’s criminals that fall between the cracks, because the justice system has these gaps, you know, these small areas that need to be addressed. And you would be surprised how many guilty people walk, you would also be surprised how many innocent people are convicted. It’s a double edged sword here. And it’s not because law enforcement hasn’t done their due diligence, right? We’re all human and we’re fallible. Everybody makes mistakes. But when you mistake on this level, it’s epic. You take somebody’s life away from them, you know, the servant president, no matter how long it is, if they’re innocent, they’re innocent. And if you have somebody that is guilty, but they get all that technicality, or you know, they they submit the system, it really really does not look good for our justice system. You know, on a personal level, you know, bad guys always got to get quiet. You know, you’re gonna run, you’re gonna hide, eventually we’re gonna find you, you know, there’s, there’s no way you can go on the face of this earth. We’re not gonna be able to track you down. So, I mean, that’s my honest belief, leaving my team members and you know, again, with today’s technology, it’s, it’s 100% possible

george grombacher 15:00
Yeah, yeah, it seems like seems like technology would be, you know, used to be that you could just skip town for for a couple of weeks until, until it kind of blew over. But that’s no longer the case.

Unknown Speaker 15:14
You’d be surprised how many times I’ve uncovered that they’ve done that even serial killers that we’re working on some of their cases they’re gonna release, where they’ll come and there’ll be a certain location or proximity, and strike 234 times, and then I’ll go, you know, two or three states over or relocate from one East Coast to West Coast, and they’ll start a new crime spree, which are never connected. There’s the odd law enforcement, especially communication back in the 50s 60s 70s 80s, even 90s. A lot of agencies really didn’t interact and connect each other. Again, with technology, now we have a database and access to the internet, where you can pick up on somebody, whether they’re in Alaska, or in Florida, and connect that to crimes. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case, we didn’t have those options. So now again, you know, we’re able to track you, no matter where you go. It’s just a matter of time. As long as the initial no crime scene, forensics was performed properly, and they gathered the proper information and evidence at the initial crime scene, and they stored it properly, we have the ability to pull DNA out just about anything, you know, latent fingerprint maps and magnetic fingerprint matching was superior to your typical dust, latent print match. There’s a lot of new new categories and forensics that are developing here. They’re just, they’re unbelievable. We don’t

george grombacher 16:34
know I don’t, I don’t doubt that for a second. Just, I’m sure it must be fascinating. And the new stuff that’s being talked about are coming online all the time. I love it. Great. Beautiful. Well, Alex, people are ready for your difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 16:53
I want to really say from my heart and you know, for my team is each and every one of you out there listening to this, you can make a difference. You know, if you if you see something where you feel like you’ve seen something even you don’t necessarily have to be 100% You know, firm and your belief, it doesn’t hurt to pick up the phone, reach out, give it tip. Don’t do not be scared. You know, there’s people here that are there to help. And we need your help as much as you ever need ours. You know, we work is one unit, yours is one community, one society, no matter what the pigment of your skin is, no matter what kind of a community you live within, you know, what your annual income is, what kind of job you carry, it doesn’t matter. We’re all human, and we all bring read the same air, we occupy the same planet. And if we do not come together to fight, you know, this travesty, this number of solve cold cases is just overwhelming. And with your just one phone call to make the biggest difference in the world. Well, I

george grombacher 17:52
think that that is great stuff that definitely gets cut off. Excellent. Thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they get in touch with Cold Case consultants of America?

Unknown Speaker 18:05
If you go online, CCC is our website Circleville. Mr. Calm is additional case we’ve been working on. We just got back to Circleville, Ohio working a old case from the 1970s. There, which we have some big information and new evidence findings we’re about to release probably. And, you know, if you want to search us we’re on social media also CCO a focus loss America is on Facebook and also on Twitter. please chime in. You know, if you want to support us, that’s great like button and if you’d like to have a case looked at please submit it through our website, we’re more than happy to reach out to you

george grombacher 18:38
love it. Well, if you enjoyed this as much as I did, so Alex your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Give us the website one more time Alex,

Unknown Speaker 18:47
it CCC

george grombacher 18:50
Perfect. Go to CCC Oh and check out all the information all the stuff that they’re working on. Check out the initial findings of that Circleville writer case. And if you have something that you’d like them to work on on your behalf, let them know and final follow up on social, almost everything in the notes of the show. Thanks again Alex.

Unknown Speaker 19:11
A George. Always a pleasure, my friend. I’ll see you again soon.

george grombacher 19:13
And until next time, keep fighting the good fight. We’re all in this together.

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