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Check In with Yourself with Patsy Balacchi

George Grombacher April 1, 2022

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Check In with Yourself with Patsy Balacchi

LifeBlood: We talked about why now is the time to check in with yourself, how to find harmony in your life, how to prioritize yourself and all aspects of life, and how to get started, with Patsy Balacchi, Founder and Feng Shui consultant with Zenotica. 

Listen to learn how to start treating your bedroom like a sanctuary!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Patsy Balacchi

Episode Transcript

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Come on

Unknown Speaker 0:11
one level this is George G and the time is right look at today’s guest strong, powerful. Patsy Blackie. Patsy, are you ready to do this? Yes I am. Alright, let’s let’s go. Patsy is the founder, Creative Director and Fung shui consultant with Zen Zen Nautica. She is the creator of the Zen Attica way she helps businesses, transform the realities for the better individuals figure out what it is to live in harmony. Patsy, I’m excited to have you on tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do. Thanks, George. I’m excited to be here. I’m currently residing in Houston from the way of Connecticut on the way of Miami from the way of El Salvador. And I’m kind of wanting to go that way. Because everything that I’m you know, kind of basically, for me, it’s very important to connect the dots and where, where am I being led to in my life. And I see that many of the teachings are things that I like to express and share with my clients with my audience stems from the fact that ever since I was a little kid, I was always seeking balance in my life, especially in places where there was disharmony, right, and family environment and school and things like that. And it seems that for me, somehow that imprint was developed at a very early age. And I continue to struggle to find the balance, right? Everywhere I went, I wanted to kind of shift things around to make things work for me. But ultimately, when I, when I started really understanding where that came from, it really just came down to me, what is it that I’m finding out of balance within me, once I made that, once I finally came to that conclusion, or that realization, for example, it was, it was like a huge aha moment, but a very, very profound way of seeing things. Okay, so it’s like, okay, so everything, I can’t really control what’s happening outside of me, but it can definitely do change, certain things are happening within me. And having to have lived with hepatitis C for over 26 years, you know, having to seek ways of how to live with a virus, how to basically live my life with a virus having to have constrictions in my life, due to a virus for such a long time, had me navigate and seek other ways of harmony balancing, how to cope with, you know, everything that was changing in my, in my body, for example, but I was one of the lucky ones that I got to understand this at a very early age. I was in my early 20s, and led me to understand a little more about spirituality, more about your Vedic medicine, more about acupuncture and everything else that I was able to do in order to live a more balanced and harmonious life, even though at the time, unfortunately, the medical treatments didn’t work for me, they actually cost a lot more damage than having to gain more health. But luckily, back in 2017, actually 2016 One of my gastroenterologist said, listen, Patsy, you can actually try Harvoni, you are a great candidate for that you have really good health, and see if you can do this treatment for maybe 60 days or 90 days. Let’s see about that. So I was able to do that. To eradicate the virus in 90 days, taking a pill a day. But I was not, I was not aware and I was not told about the incredible side effects that this particular medicine had, for me.

Unknown Speaker 4:24
At least when it came to the psycho spiritual and emotional

Patsy Balacchi 4:30
in everything that it brought, for me everything that I was basically keeping inside for such a long time, kind of was coming out of me in different ways. I didn’t really know how to how to navigate all these feelings of that was just coming out through I guess detoxing my, my body, my blood, right. It was a very interesting timeline. It took me almost 18 months to get back to my

Self, I wasn’t able to, to even pick up a pen for a few days at a time sleeping for days, my body was very tight. I had almost like tumors coming out of my, my ankles, my knees, I couldn’t really walk it was it was horrible, but nothing else, no headaches, no vomiting. It was in a capacity to the gastroenterologist and said, Your case is unique. We don’t really have an answer for that. It was a very brand new medicine. And that brought me back into okay, what is it that I’m going to do here? Yes, it’s going to dissipate. And yes, I’m going to have to deal with that. But it brought me back to that place of where, where am I right now? What am I going to do with this? Right? So I started really digging back into those areas of my life that I kind of abandoned for such a long time. Why did I get Pepsi? Why did I contract that not in a way that I was feeling like a victim? But more of? What’s the lesson behind here? Why did I contract Pepsi in the first place through a blood transfusion? This is when I was after I gave birth to my firstborn in 1990. And everything that came about that

family, how did they treat me, you know, had my father unfortunately, he was so hurt. And I felt abandoned by him. I didn’t really see them for two and a half years, and all these things about, okay, I’m feeling like my blood is contaminated. I’m not going to be able to have another relationship with you know, somebody else because I feel dirty, or I am dirty, or this is shameful. And I had to disagree with things that I was telling myself. And also because you know, coming from a religious background Catholics, everything is like, okay, it’s sin, you committed this. And it’s, it was very, very, it was very hard. But I was making the more hard on myself than anybody except it was things that I was telling myself, because on the other side, I had my mother was very nurturing and very kind, and really did so much for me, she took three months off to take care of me, while I was kind of getting back into

putting my feet on the floor, literally, and taking care of my baby at the time. But little things like that, you know, after a while, something within me was telling me there’s more to this, there’s more to that.

When I moved to Miami, I started seeking more spirituality, I started seeking more of the homeopathic journey for medicine. And it worked, which led me to Fung Shui, which led me to see Fung Shui in a way of seeing how everything that we’re projecting in our life. Everything that we’re we’re attracting in our life is something that we have a contract with, right? So for instance, seeing how the house is protecting everything that’s going on inside you.

And when we start seeing that everything is connected, right, a particular sector of your environment is connected to a sector, in your body, mind, body spirit. It’s really interesting when everything starts making sense. So for example, a perfect example is seeking balance in my life, right or organization. But my heart was in disharmony. I was not happy with myself. So I had to basically start seeing that how much nurturing am I given myself? How much compassion it might give myself. And that was a huge key point in my life. Because it all had to start with me. I couldn’t really control anything, but my emotions, what I’m bringing inside the foods that are nurturing me, and of course, the mindset that has a lot to do with how well you’re going to come out of something. I mean, there’s certain things that you may not be able to change, right. For example, this thing where Pepsi, I thought I was going to live with Pepsi for the rest of my life. And I accomplished that in my life for it. But when the opportunity came about to

Unknown Speaker 9:33
take a look at that, to give traditional medicine another opportunity. It was not only a place of being vulnerable, but also trusting again, there especially because the medicine was very, very, fairly new. But I had a lot of support, my mentors, my cultural mentor, my family, everybody was there for me at this time.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
And that was also a huge turnoff. Aarthi I think a very wonderful help to see that. Because in this life, we all need support. So that was another good lesson, I would say, to listen to that, to ask for help. And I, I will say, able to do that.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
And that’s why I’m here with you, George.

Unknown Speaker 10:21
And it all comes full circle or a straight line. Depends how.

Unknown Speaker 10:28
How it goes back? Just back.

Unknown Speaker 10:33
So I, I’m curious, what, what what your thoughts are what functionaries thoughts are on balance?

Unknown Speaker 10:43
Yes, balanced. We all want to seek that right? If you if you have the example of the Yin Yang,

Unknown Speaker 10:51
you have the relativity of that, which is one has a little bit of the other, black and white, will feminine and masculine, dark, light, right, every both of those relations have a little bit of themselves are, I think ultimately, as humans, we want to be able to navigate in a place where we can be in harmony with life, no matter what the circumstances are. So being in that happy medium, right? Happiness and sadness come and go. They’re very, they’re temporary. But if we come into a place where we’re able to be in a place of more stability, I think stability is what gives us peace. And that’s what we want to seek at least creating our environment. The first things I would say, what is it that is taken away, you know, attention, and stability in your home, in your head in your mind and your heart and start putting those away? Right. decluttering? is a big one.

Unknown Speaker 12:02
I would say definitely just start from there. That’s a good tip. Yeah, I think that that that certainly does make sense in I

Unknown Speaker 12:12
I couldn’t agree more. Happiness and sadness come and go, like, I’m happy when I have some ice cream, right? I’m sad when when when when my favorite team loses, right? But that’s not, that’s not my baseline. That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s not my stability.

Unknown Speaker 12:28
Being able to identify, these are the things that are causing me aggravation, or consistent anger, stress, whatever it is. And that could be it could be a relationship, it could be something like like, like a problem with with with my physical house or a piece of furniture that’s broken or something like that could be anything.

Unknown Speaker 12:53
Yeah, in terms of moving so fast, it’s like, how much are you going to give that attention? Right, because it’s robbing attention from the things that shouldn’t have more important for you, your health, your relationships, how you, you know, managing work. So I would say definitely, if there’s something that’s bothering you pointed out, right, observe it. And if it’s something they can physically do without, let’s say, if it’s a matter of relationship, have a time for communication, right? It’s something that you need to communicate, because all comes down to that your truth how you value that how you respect yourself, right? So it’s hindering your life, not to communicate your truth,

Unknown Speaker 13:42
I would say do that first. And if you cannot do that with the person, at least write it on a piece of paper, write a letter to that person. And just communicate your feelings that way. Nice, but it has to come out of him. Right? You can’t really keep that in your energy field, you have to kind of set peace without release it.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
You think I feel like so many of us, and this is me at certain stages of my life, are just sort of getting by. And we’re going through the motions, and we maybe don’t recognize how much better that I could be feeling or how much better just things could be.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
How do you think about that?

Unknown Speaker 14:31
I think we’re all going through that at this moment, especially having to come out of this hole still in it. But this COVID situation that prolonged for, at least in this country, almost two years, right. It’s getting to that point. And now that we feel that we have a little bit of liberty to go out there. We feel like we need to catch up, catch up, catch up with something that we lost, and I would say at this time is really taking a step back

Unknown Speaker 15:00
and observe your emotions, like why is it that I’m feeling like this? What is it that I’m missing? Or what is it that I think I’m missing?

Unknown Speaker 15:10
And just just step back and I would say ponder about that. It’s good to take a few minutes, you know, in your day to day to reconnect back to self, really take a moment for at least 30 seconds to just breathe deeply in the sunlight if you can, and just get back into yourself re Energize. And you know, the thoughts again, they just come and go. If you feel you think something that is bothering us, like, just poof it away. Oh, there you go. When you’re on there such fellas thought, oh, there’s an angry thought just you know, because this just that. If you give it energy and you keep it inside, then that’s a different story. Thing. Ask yourself, why am I? Why is this bothering me so much?

Unknown Speaker 16:01
It’s it? What a communication with yourself?

Unknown Speaker 16:05
I think I think it’s such an it’s it’s such a, it’s such a simple thing, but also so hard. And foreign. If if we’re not in the habit of doing that, if we’re not in the habit of if you had told me 10 years ago, just need to get in touch with yourself and be like, What are you talking about, I don’t even know what that means, right. But it’s that simple thing of just going outside, sitting down, letting the sun hit your face, closing your eyes, or just breathing. And taking a minute or two minutes, there’s however long you have. That is just the starting point, or can be a starting point, you know, what’s a good way to do it, because I have to practice this myself, I work a lot, I put a timer on my phone. And so in between breaks, if I have a project, and I know I’m going to dedicate 60 minutes, 90 minutes to a particular project, I put a timer. And I know that that my time is up for that. And then I step out,

Unknown Speaker 17:06
that was very practical for me to do.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
And it seemed to work because I know this is my time, five minutes, even if I could just allow that five minutes to go on break.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
They really started making a difference for me. And now it comes to them looking forward to setting that timer for, you know, every 60, you know, an hour at a time, just to step outside and take a little breather.

Unknown Speaker 17:33
It’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is is is prioritization and really everything you’ve been talking about. And being more

Unknown Speaker 17:43
I guess, I suppose was intentional about the things that I am letting in what I’m giving my attention to, and then what I’m making sure that I’m cutting out and avoiding. And

Unknown Speaker 17:58
one of the things that I’ve really landed on is what you just said, it’s how just making sure that I am finding, making and scheduling these times, just to be able to push everything back, close the computer, turn everything off, whatever it might be. Because without that, it’s just not going to happen on its own. Yeah, and what’s even more important to think about is, if you are not there, nothing’s going to happen. So it doesn’t matter if you’re, you know, four or five hours at a time in an office, and then you’re depleted with energy that come back to it and you have no love for what you’re doing. Right. So if you’re not really present with your work and things that really bring you joy, you’re kind of sabotaging yourself.

Unknown Speaker 18:49
I would say that like how How precious is your life, that, you know, that’s something else, you know, your clients, your work your family, they all need you. But ultimately, you have to prioritize on yourself first what your needs are, that’s not being selfish. That’s just being more more nurturing, compassionate with yourself. And that’s something that we’re learning in as a collective, you know, coming back to self, self care, self love. You see this buzzwords everywhere online. And it’s because people need it again, we were rushing, you know, against time because of this loss of time and things that we were not able to do for a couple of years. But really, where are we right now? Where are you right now? Can you still hear you’re still breathing and comes to a point where you start seeing what’s really important for you, your health, your values, your mental health, your emotional health, your physical health.

Unknown Speaker 19:56
And that’s what functional comes about how to harmonize

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Your energy centers, your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions, with what you’re projecting in your environment.

Unknown Speaker 20:09
Are you inviting good harmony and good flow in your life?

Unknown Speaker 20:16
Are you at all? Right? Are you?

Unknown Speaker 20:21
What, uh, I love it. Just the the the question of where are you right now and checking in and recognizing, okay, we are coming out of this. Theoretically speaking, we are theoretically coming out of this time, which has been difficult at varying levels for certain everyone and has changed everything. So this is an opportunity to check in and to say, Okay,

Unknown Speaker 20:46
I’m going to take a lot from this experience. But let’s let’s let’s move forward in a way that I’m going to have a more harmonious and happy life and satisfied life more full. Because it’s an opportunity to do that.

Unknown Speaker 21:02
Yes, it is. And that time, and it’s also just right. If you’re into energy, and if you’re entering numerology this year is all about love, relationships, family, community, unity. So on our vibrational universal level, we are being pulled into that were feeling that sense of wanting to connect more. But it starts from here, and then it goes into a ripple effect. Right? So it’s you how much you’re nurturing yourself, what you’re bringing into your inner circle, your home or office, and then your inner communities in your circles. And of course, your podcasts work for you.

Unknown Speaker 21:48
And communicating like communing. So big word, coming back to Unity and think that’s what we’re seeking. That’s where you and I are here. Because we long for that. People are ready Patsy for your difference making tip? What? What do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 22:06
I was really thinking about this. And I want to say, Come back to center. And where’s that place? Your bedroom is specifically your bed. So take a look at what you have when you go back to your bedroom. What is this saying to you? What is it speaking to you? Do you like its

Unknown Speaker 22:28
bed, see if you can have it facing the door not directly in front. So you want to be in command of your life. Make sure there’s no clutter under the bed. That’s a big one. And try not to walk with shoes inside your bedroom, keep them outside, keep them even if you can keep them by the front door. By the mudroom, that’s even better. But if not, just don’t bring in dirty shoes into your bedroom.

Unknown Speaker 22:55
Change your seats all the time, you know, at least once a week wash them. And

Unknown Speaker 23:01
what’s also say, try not to be more distracted with things like TVs and your phone.

Unknown Speaker 23:12
You really need to use this time to connect itself to rest. And to use this time wisely treat your bedroom as your sanctuary. Make sure that it’s comfortable that it’s your bed, you know it’s not broken and just feel that it’s going to be a cocoon for you.

Unknown Speaker 23:32
That was probably the best thing to say because the bed correlates to healthy palm tree. So everything happens there. And when we think right if even if we’re sleeping five hours a day, that time your it’s probably giving yourself allowance to connect with dreaming or astral travel or anything that it is that you’re doing to nurture your spirit. So it’s very important to see the time that you spend in your bed or that

Unknown Speaker 24:05
way I think that that is great stuff that definitely gets come up.

Unknown Speaker 24:10
Thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you?

Unknown Speaker 24:15
Thank you, they can engage with me through my websites and Arica And I also want to say that due to my desire to connect with people I we’re running we’re doing a retreat in the end the fall with a Darwin quest and you can find more information about that also my websites are not

Unknown Speaker 24:42
But have you enjoyed as much as I did show paths to your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciate good ideas go to Zen Attica calm ZNOTI and check out the retreat that is coming up this fall and everything else

Unknown Speaker 25:00
Pepsi’s working on Thanksgiving Patsy thank you so much and until next time keep fighting the good fight we’re all in this together

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