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Changing Your Mind About Yourself with Lisa Tahir

George Grombacher April 10, 2022

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Changing Your Mind About Yourself with Lisa Tahir

LifeBlood: We talked about changing your mind about yourself, why you’d want to do it and how, what Chirons are and how they impact us, and how to learn about yours, with Lisa Tahir, Psychotherapist, podcast host, and author of the Chiron Effect. 

Listen to learn why writing good things can down can have a profound impact on your happiness!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

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Lisa Tahir

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:00
Come on Bob Leffler. This is George G. And the time is right welcome today’s guest strong and powerful Lisa Todd here. Lisa, are you ready to do this?

Lisa Tahir 0:19
I am George, thank you so much for having me on life. plyed

george grombacher 0:23
I’m excited to have you on. Lisa is an author. She is a psychotherapist, podcast host and author and artist. Rather she’s the founder of psycho astrology. Her newest book is the Chiron effect. Lisa, tell us a little about your personal life some more about your work and why you do what you do.

Unknown Speaker 0:44
Sure, George, I, I like you said, I’m a licensed therapist, and I am really passionate about helping helping people change their mind about themselves. And what I found in my own life is that there are these layers of judgments that we tend to harbor against ourselves. And while you might not readily say, oh, yeah, that’s true. When you look back on your life, maybe when something didn’t go as you wished, or intended, or you didn’t show up as you intended, were taught or early on, to be hard on ourselves and critical and judgmental. And in my book, the Chiron effect, healing our core wounds, through astrology, empathy, and self forgiveness, I walk readers through a process of really learning to soften those judgments and replace them with encouragement. And much like a coach would like hey, you know, this is what you could say to yourself into that other person next time. So you start to repattern. yourself and the way that you’re showing up in life.

george grombacher 1:54
Nice, because we’re pretty hard on ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 1:58
We can be it’s something you can unlearn. I know that for sure. You can really soften you can really change that inner voice, the voice in between our own two ears that we’re with 24/7. And it’s really leaning into and listening. What is he saying to you? She What are they saying to you about yourself and about life, and really changing out our limiting beliefs with more affirming and supportive beliefs?

george grombacher 2:29
How is it common that people are aware of how they’re talking to themselves or less common?

Unknown Speaker 2:37
I think people are common when often when my clients come in for therapy. They’re talking about this, like, oh my gosh, if I’m saying these negative things, I’m feeling these negative things. I think people are pretty aware of what they’re saying to themselves, because it’s evident by your emotions. How are you feeling throughout the day? Are you more happy and content? Or do you feel more disgruntled and an angry, agitated or even sad? And that’s gonna clue you in to what your thoughts are.

george grombacher 3:10
Dan, that certainly makes sense. So how does how does astrology fit in? How did you come to? And you found it psycho astrology? How to how did you find that in in your life?

Unknown Speaker 3:24
Sure, in psycho astrology, quite simply, is where our personal psychology our childhood experiences, our patterns or beliefs about ourselves, intersect and meet what’s called our natal astrology. And that’s our birth chart. When we’re born, there’s like a snapshot of the chart of the stars. And I imagine you know, Georgia, what is your sun sign?

george grombacher 3:49
Scorpio, Scorpio,

Unknown Speaker 3:51
okay, like most people know, what’s your sign, and it’s thrown away around, you know, on social media when you meet someone, even in your friends. And so Chiron is a different placement than your sun sign, what you typically know yourself to be. And Chiron is generated by your date of birth and your place of birth. And in my book, there’s a chart, I also have an interactive website. And once you come to understand, okay, my Chiron is in Aries, or it’s in Gemini, or it’s in Pisces. And again, this is different than your sun sign or your rising sign or your moon. And this speaks to an area of vulnerability up to and including core wounding. And this looks like the area of yourself that you might hide or edit from others like you could be outwardly very successful, but inwardly you feel like you’re never good enough. And so you’re always seeking to perform you’re always seeking to like do do do to feel valuable and worthy because some That’s never a message you got when you were younger have your inherent value and worth. And so I came upon this just in my own life, George being a therapist for over 20 years, having been in therapy for a number of years, and still feeling sometime like, oh my gosh, why don’t I feel happy enough. And through meditation, I heard this invitation to explore Chiron and its meaning. And that’s where I started to research and write for almost four years. And my book was endorsed by His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama, which was such an honor for me to, to have that recognition, because I really want you to know just how valuable and important you are, regardless of what has happened or has not happened in your life. And in my book, I offer practical takeaway steps, as well as affirmations to help you get there.

george grombacher 5:57
Nice. endorsed by the Dalai Lama, that’s, that’s that’s got to be kind of a surreal thing.

Unknown Speaker 6:04
It you know, just felt really beautiful. I did meditate and align myself with that vision that I had for about two years. So it was definitely a process of me, asking myself, who do I need to become to receive this endorsement. And for me, at first, I heard, you know, more compassion towards others. And then I started to hear more compassion towards yourself, Lisa, and often, the vision we have what we desire to live is more about embodying that in our own lives towards ourselves than anything else. And so it was a it was a deep inward journey of changing my own, you know, upgrading my own beliefs and thoughts towards myself and making them so much more affirming. And they were

george grombacher 6:54
shit. So I love the the the sentence that you help people change their minds about themselves think that it’s extremely powerful and make sense? How, how does knowing what my and I don’t know if I’m saying this right? How do I how does knowing what my Chiron is, how does that help me

Unknown Speaker 7:17
and helps you because this is, for example, to make it really practical. If your Chiron is an Aries. This is a vulnerability, or core wounding and your sense of value and worth. And that’s the person I was speaking to earlier, you’re successful. People think you’re amazing. You have professional achievements and accolades, and all of the awards and such that you could have. But inwardly, you just don’t feel like you’re enough. And it’s so painful. That’s where we see really well known entrepreneurs, like the founder of the Kodak Company, killing himself, you know, people that really dislike where the rubber meets the road. And that’s a chapter in my book is like this can be detrimental to your health to your well being to your mental health, Chiron and Taurus speaks to a core wounding or vulnerability by neglect. You grew up in a home where there was neglect that you experienced, it might have been sexual abuse, it might have been a caretaker that wasn’t present to your emotional needs because of an addiction. Or, for instance, Chiron in the sign of Cancer speaks to a vulnerability or wounding by abandonment, and your caretaker in your life. Just people didn’t show up for you in the way that you need it. And so you might self abandon through alcohol, drugs, addiction, you know, or even battling suicide yourself. So these placements of Chiron speak to very real issues that we’ve all experienced in some way or another in life. And that makes sense.

george grombacher 8:57
Yeah, yeah. Sort of. So if I am, the, the ticket was Aries and I’m outwardly successful, but I’m, I’m feel I feel bad on the inside. And I predestined to that because I was born under that Chiron.

Unknown Speaker 9:17
You know, it’s really interesting Giorgio, I’ve given over 100 interviews now. And even in the letter that His Holiness the Dalai Lama wrote me, he He himself said, you know, Lisa, I’m not a student of astrology. But as a Buddhist scientist, I know that the way to heal humanity’s deepest wounds is through the ways that you speak about with compassion, with empathy with self forgiveness. And so, you know, what I have come to experience is that astrology is a blueprint. It’s simply a blueprint of propensities and possibilities for you. I talked in my book that we all have freewill. And we can take personal responsibility, even for the things that weren’t our fault. It certainly wasn’t your fault that you experienced an abuse or trauma at some point in your life. But it is our responsibility to heal. And I know that from experience experiencing trauma, childhood sexual abuse and neglect, and having to find my own healing for many years, through upgrading the way that I showed up for myself, and for me, the journeys been long. And that’s also why I wanted to offer this book because I wanted to help people do this as easily as they can, even for those hard pain point experiences. And Georgia, my experience and 100% of people that go through my book, and find their Chiron placement that this resonates, and it doesn’t mean their life has been dictated by it, it means it’s like oh my gosh, like this has been an area of patterns that I compensate, like I, you know, have become XY and Z, because I’ve wanted to mitigate, you know, the pain of this experience in my childhood. And so it’s been quite remarkable, to see people really having these aha moments, and I invite you to go, you know, find your Chiron and see how well this information fits for you.

george grombacher 11:23
But that makes a lot of sense. So it’s more a function of how I will respond to certain stimuli.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Absolutely. And I’m very clear in my book from the opening chapter. Astrology is the diagnostic place to to illuminate, where you source your patterns, you know, your people, places and things that you frequent every day. That’s your habit. That’s your routine. That’s what I call your frequency. And it’s based upon what you believe to be true for and about yourself. And when we start to change out and upgrade what we believe is true for us. We’re a mini solar system, we orbit others, and they orbit us. And when you change what you believe that is the effect upon your life in a really positive way. Yes. Nice. Thanks.

george grombacher 12:17
Sure. So having a better understanding of, of the way that that I am responding and interpreting and how I’m arranging my entire life with these people, places and things, what I believe to be true, I can through having a deeper understanding and understanding and then a deeper and deeper understanding of my Chiron. It can make greater sense. Oh, I get it. And then if I’m not happy with it, then I can make changes.

Unknown Speaker 12:51
Absolutely, I give for every placement of Chiron. They’re 12. Because they’re 12 signs of the zodiac. I give five or six practical takeaway steps that you can start today, to change the things you want in your thinking and your behaviors. It’s something as simple as for Chiron and Aries, that has to do with this wounding and vulnerability value and worth, you tend to say yes to everything, because you really love being in life, you love being a part of things. But often you might be like, Oh my gosh, like I’ve said yes to so many things. I’m like burning out. I’m not really having the time to take care of myself. So a simple step is to learn to just say maybe, for every invitation, say, You know what, that sounds good. Let me get back to you. Maybe I can do that. And in that way, you give yourself choice to not cancel, or force yourself to do things just because you said you would because you’re a person that likes to keep your word, you’re able to have more freedom and flexibility. Does this really fit into my schedule? Do I really want to do this a month later? You know, from when I said yes. And it helps you just start to live your life more authentically. So with every placement of Chiron, I give you these very practical steps that you can begin using now.

george grombacher 14:10
Nice. That’s awesome. Thanks. And responding maybe to everything is probably just a really good, just a really good policy. Lisa.

Unknown Speaker 14:20
Yeah, it can be for some of us that really love to do everything and be a part. It can be hard and I’m sure someone listening is like oh my gosh, like that’s me. Today. I said yes to this thing. And like I don’t really want to go like I’d rather you know, stay home and work on something or watch a show I like or have time with my loved ones. And it’s okay when you’re in that situation to learn to say, You know what, I committed to this, and I’m really not I’m really not able to do that to start to you know, change your mind about things. Because this can be really deeply entrenched pattern. For some of us like I was taught you keep your word. You know you show up. And that’s great a lot of the time, but some of the time when it isn’t, it’s okay to change that and do something different. No matter what, you know, someone else is gonna think,

george grombacher 15:12
amen. Well, these people are ready for your difference making tip, what do you have for them?

Unknown Speaker 15:18
You know, I really encourage you, it’s something I started last year is to get a separate notebook or journal. And this is your manifestation journal. And you are going to write down and document when the things that you’ve wanted to appear in your life do when your intentions manifest, when these good things happen when these unexpected things happen, even for some of you, that you keep a record, and it’s like, you’re thankful, and you’re grateful for these, these people, places and things and experiences showing up. And it gives you a written record of when you start to slip, you know, like we all do, like oh my gosh, is are things really okay, like I’m not feeling like they are, you can go back and actually look at what has manifested. And that helps you actually create more of what you want, by appreciating what you do have.

george grombacher 16:15
Well, I think that that is great stuff definitely gets Come on. Lisa, thank you so much for coming on. Where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you and where can they get a copy of the Chiron effect? Sure,

Unknown Speaker 16:27
George. My book is available everywhere books are sold at Barnes and Noble brick and mortar stores in your city as well as online at Books a Million You could go to Amazon of course. And if you have a favorite local bookstore, you can go in with my name and book title. And they can order it from my publisher if you want to shop local which I really encourage and love people doing and my website where there’s links to various booksellers, as well as links to work with me as your therapist. All my sessions are remote on Zoom and phone and FaceTime. I also have an online empowerment class and my podcast all things therapy in its sixth year with over 280 episodes. All at Nola and and that stands for New Orleans Los Angeles therapy. The two places I live in work New Orleans in Los Angeles. And that’s my social media handle as well. George Nola therapy.

george grombacher 17:38
Excellent. If you enjoyed this as much as I did surely show your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas go to Nola therapy, calm and oh la Check out the All Things therapy podcast as well. Six years Lisa that’s that’s that’s awesome.

Unknown Speaker 17:59
Thank you George. I really appreciate you and this time

george grombacher 18:03
and then finally pick up a copy of the Chiron effect at your favorite local bookstore if they do not have it. Bring in the name Lisa ta here and Chiron effect and they can order from the publisher. Thanks again, Lisa. Thank you, and until next time, keep fighting the good fight. It’s we’re all in this together.

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