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Book Club featuring Jeremie Kubicek

George Grombacher November 24, 2022

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Book Club featuring Jeremie Kubicek

On this edition of the Book Club, Jeremie Kubicek talks about his newest book, The Peace Index

Jeremie is the CoFounder of GiANT, an organization unlocking potential.

For a copy of his book The Peace Index, click HERE

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Our Guests

George Grombacher


Jeremie Kubicek

Episode Transcript

eorge grombacher 0:00
Hi I’m Laplace is Georgie and the time is right. Welcome to our monthly book club. Welcome are authored strong and powerful Jeremy Cooper. Chuck. Jeremy, are you ready to do this?

Jeremie Kubicek 0:24
Man? Let’s go. George, always good to be with you.

george grombacher 0:26
Let’s go. Great to have you. Jeremy is the co founder of giant. They’re an organization working to unlock the potential of people. His newest book is a Peace Index. Jerry, tell us a bit about your personal life’s more about your work and what motivated you to put pen to paper.

Jeremie Kubicek 0:42
Yeah, I am a encourager. I basically built a business around helping people use the term liberate like literally free people to know who they are, know their superpowers. And I create content that the world uses to help employees help people come alive, unlock the potential. And I get to do that in companies like Google Air Force, Pfizer, Biogen Microsoft, so on and so forth.

george grombacher 1:14
Awesome. And the PCE index, tell us a little bit about where this came from.

Jeremie Kubicek 1:21
So I have a concept that Steve Cocker, my my business partner, and I wrote years ago in the publisher, Wiley that came to us and said, came to me it’s Chairman, can you write a book in 30 days, where peace for the fall? We just feel like and I just signed a three book deal. And they said, Can you tack on an extra one and do it first, we think we need peace this fall. With political unrest, social unrest, Russia, everything under the sun, every chaos that has happened in the last two years. So I wrote the Peace Index in 18 days, and literally just zoomed through it and built it in it’s a really strong I’ve been teaching it for eight years. And so I have so much bothered so much content. And I just put it together and and it’s a really strong book.

george grombacher 2:16
So I’ve been teaching what for eight years,

Jeremie Kubicek 2:20
I’ve been teaching the Peace Index, the idea that maturity is to develop inner peace when there is no external peace. So the idea of resiliency resolve, how do you the idea of power, that peace is power, because when you are secure and confident with who you are, and you’re at peace with who you are, then you actually have power, you can empower people. And most of the situations that have gone on is over the last two years have revealed a lack of resolve the resiliency, because peace levels are so low, people are being affected by their purposes off the people in their life are struggling, their place is chaotic, their personal health is suffering, their provision is being affected by inflation and such. So all of these factors, there’s five factors that affect the peace level of every single human.

george grombacher 3:24
What threatens our peace? And the so

Jeremie Kubicek 3:27
lots? Yeah, well, the idea is, is literally like there’s global chaos. So it’s chaos. And it’s your ability to deal with chaos. So I tell people all the time, like George right now over your head, you have a number over your head, I have a number over my head, everyone listening has a number over their head, and it’s their peace level. And what’s happening is a time someone else’s lack of peace affects our level of peace. Someone’s internal purpose is off, that can drop your peace level, I always joke and say you’re only as good as your weakest kid. One protects from a child can affect your peace level that day. So that peace level is going up and down just like the Wall Street stock ticker. And it’s moving up and down and the mature person, it’ll still move but not as, as as high and low, not as volatile as someone who might be a little bit more immature, or someone who’s just being ravaged and affected by chaos, chaos of media, chaos and global chaos or just Loke little chaos, just the swirl of other people’s effect. So what I’m trying to do is the Peace Index basically helps people to know where you’re off and why you’re off. And ultimately, what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to help people learn how to manage their emotions so that other people don’t have to manage their emotions. And that’s the key of the Peace Index. I love it. What was it that

george grombacher 5:08
that that? I mean, what was going on eight years ago, when when you started talking about it? Or is this just always are we always

Jeremie Kubicek 5:18
it’s man, it start every one of our tools, I have 75 tools, and I write on them. I’ve gotten six books here so far. But every one of them I, our personal, like I deal with this. So if I deal with this, I bet you George deals with it. And if George deals with a bet, and Amy does, and so I create tools to solve issues for myself. And my issues, were managing my own emotions. And you know, what would happen with me is I would actually allow things to get stored up. And then 10 days, two weeks later, the straw that broke the camel’s back happens, and I blow up at my spouse, about things that aren’t even about her. And I’m frustrated. So what I’ve been doing is I’ve been practicing for a number of years of learning how to manage my daily emotions, and I created a system for it, it’s in Chapter Eight of the book, it’s a really, really strong system that actually allows almost like the release of pressure, every single day, and I do something in the morning, I do something in the afternoon at 530, I do something right before I go to bed. And it’s that process that allows peace to actually go up. And when when I’m secure and confident when I’m at peace, then guess what I do to everyone else, I affect other people’s peace levels in a positive way. And so that’s ultimately what I’m trying to accomplish. I think that that’s

george grombacher 6:50
incredible. We’re all walking around carrying our own baggage, our own stuff. And it’s constantly being piled on more and more and more. So the more mindful and aware and then have coping mechanisms, the better off we’ll be to not rip somebody’s head off or snap at them. My kids, my friends, my co workers all of

Jeremie Kubicek 7:12
it. Because most of the GA is general whining, and so when your piece is low, it’s like, Ah, man, it’s just I don’t know. And so you ask someone, oh, how are you doing? I’m doing better. I’m like, I don’t know what to do with that. Right? But if I go, Hey, George, where’s your Peace Index? Where are you at? Now? I’m getting common objective language. I can help you address it. Is it purpose? Is your purpose off? Is it people? Is it your place? Oh, yeah, you’ve got a crazy neighbor? Or is it your personal health? You’ve got mental, physical, maybe something spiritual something there? Is it your Is it your provision is off. So once you once you lock in to which one is the lowest, and you understand which one is your driver, then you can do something about it. And now it’s not as much whining, you can actually control the controllables. So what can you control in that area? So the goal of the book is, how do you personally conquer chaos? How do you find fulfilment by increasing your peace level? Because I make this big statement here, there will be no world peace, until there’s inner peace in each one of us. Every World Peace issue is an inner peace issue. And so that is in essence what I’m trying to like, Hey, can I my my bit and changing the world is increasing the level of peace in people’s life? Right like that. That’s well said. And I think it’s accurate.

george grombacher 8:49
So it’s conquer chaos. Find your fulfillment. What are the other elements?

Jeremie Kubicek 8:56
Those are the two big things offense and defense I’ll have one would be defensively conquer chaos, offensively, find fulfillment. And what happens usually is in order to change, you have to understand your dissatisfaction. And you have to break this satisfaction down to bite sized pieces to go what are you really dissatisfied with? And why? I have to use you remember the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks, and you know, he had this. His dissatisfaction was he was on a deserted island. But his vision still he thought people were gonna find him. So he’s making SOS and fires and all this stuff. Well, all of a sudden his vision kept dropping and kept dropping because he realized no one’s coming. And he got so depressed and so hopeless and this dissatisfaction got higher and higher and higher. They tried to kill himself, right? So the idea that he woke up one day and he says I need to dust off my vision. I’m gonna have to get in them, they’re not coming to me. So his vision rose up. And so this whole idea of offense and defense is, we have to increase our vision for our life, or we’re going to be affected by chaos. And dissatisfaction could rain in someone’s life, when they have to actually do something? What’s your vision for your purpose? What’s your vision for your provision? That sounded like a wrap there? What’s your what’s your vision for your personal health? What’s your vision for your people in your life? And then you know, what has to happen is you might realize, I have this vision for these friend groups, but I’m dissatisfied because of Tommy will tell me he’s negative. And Tommy’s got issues and Tommy’s not willing to get right. I mean, the independent Wallops Tommy actually a boundary, which is gonna be really hard. But so there’s, there’s action steps that I put all throughout the book, and each one of these has an assessment. Let’s assess all of your places in your life. Let’s assess your provision, your personal health, and then let’s create an action plan. And so you have your own peace plan for each one of those level areas. And then let’s actually learn how to keep the peace every day with the system I mentioned. I love it.

george grombacher 11:24
Beaver see scribbling down notes. I wrote then we and to degree, you, you answer my question, is it? Is it an add on no better is is is the right term? But are we running away from something running towards something? It’s both?

Jeremie Kubicek 11:50
That’s right. And, and the the idea then is really you have to know where you’re off, and why you’re off. And that’s the goal of self awareness. And so instead, if, because if you’re not self aware, then you’re spreading lack of peace to other people, because you’re not at peace, but you don’t know why you’re not at peace. And if you don’t know why you’re out of peace, and you just kind of wine, and just kind of general melee. And so whining is not helpful. But if I go, Yeah, I’m not at peace with my, my weight, or my physical health, I’m not at peace with what I’m earning. I’m not at peace with my friend group or my house. Okay, why? What is it? What can you control? What can you not control? And when you make a list of what you can control, it very quickly becomes like, Oh, my goodness, I have eight things I can control. Okay, or What’s your game plan? Now? What are you gonna do about it? And now it becomes something that’s less out there and victim, other people’s issues. And now it’s like, well, I can actually do something about that. And I can increase. So an example. I had a friend and she was this during COVID. And she was very frustrated with her with just life. And I went through the PCE index, and I gave her one through 100 for each one. You know, she’s at 85. With Purpose. She’s an ad for the people. She’s, you know, her personal health was fine. And provision was okay. It was place. And she realized place was the issue. And so I said, Well, what is it? Well, it’s, it’s my kids, I’m working from home. I don’t look forward to home. It’s my place. And I’m like, we’ll move. And she’s like, yet? Yeah. So six months later, they had moved there in a different house. She’s like, My, oh, my gosh, it was my place. The entire time is my place. And so now some of you are like, yeah, that’s not realistic. I can’t move. I’m like, Okay, well, what can you do? You can rearrange your furniture. You can put up string lights, you can organize your back area, if you haven’t me out sort, you know, what I’m saying? There’s certain things you can control. And oftentimes, people just need to know they can, or they need to be aware of what the issue actually is. And then they can work on that lowest point. And that affects their over all peace number. And then when that takes place, that higher peace level will affect it’s caused an effect, it will affect their spouse, it will affect their kids, it will affect their friends, it’ll affect other people. And I just I’m insanely practical. So I try to take these big ethereal concepts of peace and try to break them down into practicality. It says, oh my goodness, they’re all interrelated. one affects the other, which one’s my driver? Purpose is my driver. If my purpose is off, everything else does off. If my purpose is high, I can handle things. So when you understand yourself and understand what those key parts are, it’s a game changer. Amazing. I love it.

george grombacher 15:29
I love it. I love the practicality of it. I love it. I love frameworks. I love assessments. And it’s it sounds like it sounds like you manage to in 18 days, but put put everything together. What are those 18 days look like?

Jeremie Kubicek 15:47
Yeah, so I have a system for writing books. And it’s like, I just figured it out. I know myself, delude myself. And I go, Okay, I have to, I have to get voracious on the outline. And the outline drives everything. And then I have a system of stories, visuals stories, you know, and, and then I have an interest and outros and make them all connect. But it’s pretty easy in the Peace Index, because there’s five peas, so you can get well, those five chapters. And so you can write those pretty quickly. Right. And so I haven’t the next book teed up, I have a four book deal over the next four years. So the next book that I have, I’m already I’ve already been teaching it forever. But the key though, is, you have to know the content, you have to live it. So when you live something, it’s not just making something up. It’s been living this. And so now I’m really just telling stories, and I’m trying to frame it in a way that goes, if I was on the other side, how would I want to read it? And what would keep my attention. And so this is a pretty quick read, it’s only 30,000 words, not typically for me, it’s 40 to 50,000 word books. So it’s a little a little shorter, but it also fits the like, you can get through it quickly, but its power. And that’s why I’m explaining peace is powered, right. So when you think about learning, especially if you’re an employer, you are empowering your people. If your people aren’t at peace, they will not be empowered, they will not have any power. So because they’re they’re weak, because they don’t have peace. So they’re actually pulling back, there’s all types of issues, they might be compliant. So the Peace Index is being used by lots and lots of teams are buying the books, because it’s so simple, and to implement with their organization as well. But I do have a, if you want to take the assessment, I have a location. For anyone who wants to take the Peace Index assessment, it’s pretty easy as the Peace Index The Peace Index And you can just go and take the assessment, you can send it to people, the link is easy. And it will show you very quickly because it goes deeper, shows you where you’re off. And it’s just really good. Like, oh my goodness, that was it. It’s like that little foreign, take that foreign out. And now things start to start to get reordered a little bit

george grombacher 18:23
incredible. I love it. I love it. Jeremy, thank you so much for coming on. We gave the VA the Peace Index is where you can go and take the PCE index assessment. We’re working to actually pick up a copy of the PCE index.

Jeremie Kubicek 18:42
Amazon is easiest on that link. It also has a link you want to buy bulk orders or other things as well. So yeah, it’s all there.

george grombacher 18:52
Excellent. And for all other things Jamie Kubitschek work, where can we find you?

Jeremie Kubicek 18:56
You know what the Peace Index book has a About Me section if you can go find out more there. So that same link which made it easy for people

george grombacher 19:06
beautiful well if you enjoyed as much as I did to Jeremy your appreciation and share today share with a friend who also appreciates good ideas, go to PCE index, the PCE index, the PCE index And take the assessment pick up a copy. If you are part of a team or leading a team by a bunch of them contact Jeremy has training done. It’s just in a very, very short amount of time, I can see how much value and the difference that this can make. Thanks, Jeremy. Thanks, George. Appreciate you. And till next time, remember, do your part by doing your best

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