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Ancient Wisdom with Patsy Balacchi

George Grombacher February 23, 2023

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Ancient Wisdom with Patsy Balacchi

LifeBlood: We talked about incorporating ancient wisdom into modern living to be happier and healthier, how to find harmony in our lives, the role Feng Shui can play in that process, and how to get started, with Patsy Balacchi, Feng Shui expert and Founder of Zenotica.  

Listen to learn what to do when you’re feeling vulnerable or constrained!

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Our Guests

George Grombacher

Patsy Balacchi

Patsy Balacchi

Episode Transcript

george grombacher 0:02
While I’m left with this Georgina time is right. welcome today’s guest strong, powerful Patsy Blackie. Patsy, you ready to do this?

Patsy Balacchi 0:09
Yes, I am. All right, let’s

george grombacher 0:11
go and welcome back. Patsy is Fung Shui expert. She’s the founder of Zen Attica, she’s helping people find and live in flow and harmony. Patsy, tell us a little about your personal lives more about your work and why you do what you do.

Patsy Balacchi 0:28
And be happy to. I’m a mother to one, almost 33 years old and other one, almost 15 years old, 18 years apart. So you can imagine how my life has been for the past 30 something years having to start over a lot of shifts in my life that basically kind of helped me get into this trajectory of where I’m heading, as a human in my evolution, and what is the message that I would like to share and bring to my audiences, the creative director as an article, graphic designer, and function specialist for the past 20 plus years. And I do a lot of workshops in English and Spanish, which I really enjoy. And it’s really interesting to say that because when people see me, they don’t know what I am. Which is could be something kind of interesting, then my last name is in Pulaski, by by marriage, but I’m Latina. So when I speak Spanish, everybody’s like, Oh, I like your workstation, or thought you were, you know, from the Philippines or something. And then it just really sparks a conversation. And people end up smiling and laughing because it’s, it’s kind of like routable, like integrated all this different facets of one person, right? I can really can that really define myself as one, or anything like that. So it’s one thing to put in perspective, what I do this work, and one of my specialties is something that I really enjoy doing is bringing more harmony into people’s lives. And that also starts with identity. So as a graphic designer, brand strategist, it’s kind of like getting into what is it that you are wanting to attract a how to magnetize that through your identity. And it’s a process of filtering out what really shines out there. Because for me, it’s really important to maintain sustainability. And definitely something that can would stand the test of time, being transcendent, something that’s not going to look outdated, after a few years of building something, to me, it’s something that’s important because one, I think, in one way or another is less waste. And it’s something that just kind of maintains something that can really stick. If your message is congruent, of course will continue evolving. But that essence of you that essence of the project, or the idea is still pretty much in tune to what it is that you want to convey in life, and how do we carry that through? So not only through the identity system, but it’s also how do we live? Once we had this identity stablished in, let’s say in our corporate office setting? How do we live with that? How do we thrive, and something that I really enjoyed doing is kind of planting those seeds of how important it is to maintain a stable environment? Right, it all starts with the most basic things. Is your chair stable is a crooked? Are you happy on your desk? Is your space big enough that you feel comfortable in it? Is it too clutter? Is it too distracting? Because sometimes even you don’t even see the clutter? Because you’re so used to having it around? But what is that distracting from you? So it’s all about the senses is whole about tapping into what is it that is in your greater? Because the closest things that are within you or around you is what’s going to impact you the most. So what you know, I really like to ask my clients and whoever’s working with me of those things to really pay attention what is in your radar? What is it that you’re touching, that it’s really making a difference in your life or the taking away from their life? And start putting planting those seeds? Start seeing how do we navigate this life through all this different shifts and hurdles that we’ve gone through for the past? Well, almost three years here in the US and Canada we accommodate how to readjust and it’s all about that. So functionally, it’s all about adjusting through the The different life hurdles that go in your day to day. And what I really like about this tool is that it really encompasses every single facet of your life, every aspect or area of your life, whether it’s career, family work, relationships, recognition, knowledge, helpful people, and of course, everything in the center, it’s all about the overall vibration or health of your life. So everything ties in into the center, because in order for us to feel healthy, harmonious, vibrant, all these different facets of your life, need to be in harmony should be in harmony as best as possible, in order for you to feel like you’re living a thriving healthy life.

george grombacher 5:52
I love it. So it’s not just the direction my chair is facing.

Patsy Balacchi 5:57
Exactly what it’s all about how the energy impacts you. Right? We are very sensitive. So I think you probably know that little by little, we’re beginning to understand more about what really energy is, especially if you’re talking to someone, right? How are we exchanging this energy right now, it feels phrase harmonious, both of us are feeling okay to be in front of each other. But what if there’s something else that is just really not? Not feeling just right? You don’t know what it is, it could be something very intuitive, you may get a hit in the head, you make that kind of feeling in your gut that tells you there’s some thing kind of often that you need to pay attention to that. So it’s all about how do we weave? How do we live our life? So energy colleagues are entering your space? And how are you responding to it. So we are all vulnerable to life? So what are those areas that need more tender loving care, where you need to strengthen those parts of your life, in order for energy or life, not to really hit you in the head, so to speak.

george grombacher 7:09
So it’s it’s paying attention to and looking out for if I were trying to find ways that I’m being bothered or blocked, looking for resistance, is that fair?

Patsy Balacchi 7:25
Yes, looking for resistance of things that don’t work, or feeling like you’re vulnerable, in some places. A perfect example, it could be at the office space. And the other one I want to talk about is the kitchen. At the office space, let’s say your your back is facing the door of your office, you’re somehow you get used to it if you have been in that position for a very long time. But what does that happen to the psyche, you’re constantly having to look in the back, whether somebody’s coming in the door, you’re constantly being bothered, there’s a distraction that continues to happen, that basically kind of causes a little bit of stress, and even a little bit of nervousness, if you think about it. So when it comes to making small changes in life, I would say, be present, and be ready for what life is bringing. So why not shift the desk in a place where you’re actually facing the door and you feel like more in control of what’s happening in that surrounding, in the kitchen is the same thing. The stove represents money, finances, and poultry. So if you’re facing your back towards the front door, it’s kind of like saying, guarding putting too much energy into something that you really shouldn’t, should be open to receive the goodness that life brings. So it’s about how do we accommodate those things, it’s easier to shift an office or desk than a stove. So there are ways to kind of deviate the energy kind of shift around so it flows into your space better in that you feel better while you’re doing what you need to do. And that is to you know, prepare really great meals and really enjoy that process of just being in nurturing yourself. What what does

george grombacher 9:26
the stove represent, again?

Patsy Balacchi 9:28
Finances and money.

george grombacher 9:31
That’s interesting, isn’t it? Yeah.

Patsy Balacchi 9:35
It’s fire. Right? So you’re in there, you’re actually creating something creating abundance, creating fulfillment and nurturing.

george grombacher 9:45
I wrote down the Princess and the Pea, or we all remember that story where it’s the tiniest little thing, but it’s going to nag at you and if you don’t take an action and change it, then it will negatively impact Probably every aspect of of life. So no matter how small look for where you feel invulnerable or not, just not Not, not not not good.

Patsy Balacchi 10:10
Exactly. And I think everyone, if they take the time to really take a look at that, even if it’s five minutes and just observe your current environment, it will definitely tell you what’s happened in there. Because even the things that you see, and things that you don’t see are still very present. You know, it’s an intangible force that we work with when Fung Shui and for myself, I’ve been practicing this for a while I look at the, even when I’m making creating a logo, I’m looking at the negative space, I’m looking at the constriction within that it feels, if it’s too tight, if it’s too constricted, because for me, it’s all about feeling free, feeling like you can definitely move around. And it just projects in every facet of your life. I would say if you’re constantly feeling like you are contained, especially in office area, right, it’s very, there are places that you really can’t do anything about it. But how do you bring in a sense of flow, a sense of freedom, a sense of, let’s say, even fresh air, you know, just bring some nature into your space, a live plant and versus just having something that it’s, you know, Ted maker, make it a ritual to bring fresh flowers on to your desk, or bring something that conveys life to You could be a portrait of your favorite place that you want to visit in a summer, something that just kind of gives you the space that have ample spaciousness, and I think that’s a really great way to see it. Now that, you know, we’re becoming a little more, you know, we’re working too much. And I think we spend a lot more time at the office than on our beds. And that’s something that we really need to balance out and feel that if we’re really going to take it to the next level, we will need to nurture our bodies more and more. Resting is a big deal. And I myself will cooperate with that, I tend not to sleep as much because my mind keeps going. And once I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming. And it, there’s certain things that we can do in order to kind of get into this place where I’m asking my higher self I’m at and telling myself how to you’re going to have a good night’s sleep tonight. And because it’s it’s a constant going, or what I’m doing, and what I recommend for people to do, is to take away more of that distraction in the bedroom, such as cell phones, TVs, anything that takes away from your energy, because this is the time that you really need to just be at rest. And it’s important, you know, you’re very physically active, you need that time to repose and regenerate and recharge.

george grombacher 13:18
So much good stuff there, and so much so much food for thought. So many of us hate our work. And I think it’s probably part of that is the office and if we dug into it, we’d be able to explore what is it about this environment that is constricting me or making me unhappy or uncomfortable and just taking little small steps and bringing flowers or a plant or whatever it might be that can make you feel more more open or more spacious. I think that can go such a long way. And it makes sense that our energy and our attention and our bodies are under attack from modern living and being mindful and paying attention to that even though you might think it’s little. It’s the little things again, back to the PII purchase the PII that will have a big impact over time.

Patsy Balacchi 14:10
Yes, and one thing that as my work evolves, and as I’m learning more about sustainability, design and more of a, I would say, how do we live in harmony? How do we create that? It’s the sense of living in Biophilia biophilic design and it’s one another facet of the work as I’m evolving with this is how do we live in harmony? How do we bring nature back into our constructed environments? How do we implement that and one way that I found to be very interesting and I actually love it is think about the elements. Think about nature in those in that sense. If if you feel that there’s too much jitter in your office, for example, bring something that is soothing like water change something that makes you feel like you have this accessible to you. Right there maybe like a photograph, like I said before, or changing the rug in your office, changing the paint if you can. And if not see what you can do maybe bring a shawl or something over there, you can see something that is, you know, that reminds you of water that makes you feel fluid, or even wood, you know, that’s something else that people would like to feel grounded, you know, changing those little things and bringing, thinking of nature with the elements, right fire is all about action, high energy, we don’t really want to bring more fire into the office, because you’re already have to really deal with other people and yourself, you have to be energetic. So firing fire is kind of a too much of a clash, too much of a good thing. So it’s how do we harmonize setting Earth, it’s a really great mediator for that, how does Earth representing your life, sand, or you know, the picture of a mountain, something as simple as that can definitely kind of start seeing the way that we tend to forget what makes us feel good when we’re outdoors. Right. So bringing that essence of your favorite place outdoors into this place that you have to spend much most of your day in there. So that’s the way that I like to think about biophilia, the love for nature into that because we really need to bring it more and more I noticed even with my youngest son, they don’t have their break outdoors anymore because of the weather or because of COVID at one point is everybody is living in confined environments, they rarely see that they light outside of a window. You know, it’s really interesting, if we start thinking about that, how impactful this becoming, and it’s just we don’t think about it anymore, because it’s becoming the norm. And I really have issues with that.

george grombacher 17:17
Once, if we really spent a little bit of time thinking about like, we’re not very healthy right now. There’s so many different problems that that human beings are experiencing. And at Nichols simple thing is just that we’re so disconnected from nature. And the more we can bring into our lives, our homes or offices, I think that that’s really nothing but a really, really, really positive thing I was thinking about. I think that we all have something in our mind about the little wooden tray with the rake, and we push the sand around. And you don’t, I didn’t really have an appreciation for what that really was. And it’s a way to reconnect with the physical world and with nature. I just thought it was a stupid thing to have on your desk.

Patsy Balacchi 18:04
And then you can play. Some people have two little mini golf thingies, right? Yeah, that’s a very interesting way of seeing that. I used to used to keep rocks, actually, I do have a couple of their crystals now. And every once in I play with them. If I’m thinking if I’m creating something’s just that I need to feel something organic. Yes,

george grombacher 18:32
so much. So many opportunities to, to find, to go back to the basics, and to really think what is it that that makes us human. And to your point, that it’s a rock, it’s organic, versus everything that we surround ourselves with as inorganic, and we are very, very organic creatures, and we just kind of stick ourselves in these sterile, constricting, you know, poor environments. And then I guess we’re surprised why, why we don’t feel well and shocked that interventions like pills and stuff like that aren’t really helping.

Patsy Balacchi 19:17
And you think about it too. So something to be always kind of mindful. What is it that you’re going to take in right your nourishment? What is it that you’re wearing? At least for me, I take a little bit of effort to find clothes that are 100% organic, or you know, for example, cotton. It’s something very important for me, it’s breathable, I feel, I feel like I can breathe with that. I’m wearing synthetics, you know what I mean? It’s those little changes, you know, being mindful of the small changes or even let’s say your pajamas, you know, this is the time that you’re resting. Wear something that is comfortable, that is natural for you to for you to really treat yourself. Well.

george grombacher 20:05
Love it. Yeah, Patti, thank you so much for coming back on where can people learn more about you? How can they engage with you?

Patsy Balacchi 20:12
It’s a pleasure being here with you, George, who can find me as America. My platforms, my holistic platform and graphic design studio based in Houston. And of course, Instagram, Facebook, you just type in mice, Antarctica, or Sanada and I’m right there. Thanks.

george grombacher 20:32
If you enjoyed this as much as I did, shout out to your appreciation and share today’s show with a friend who also appreciates good ideas. Find Patsy all over the world wide web via Xin Attica. Ze n o t. I C A. is Patsy

Patsy Balacchi 20:49
That’s right. Exercise and

george grombacher 20:53
and find her on social media. I’ll link all of those in the notes of the show. Thanks, skip. Patsy.

Patsy Balacchi 20:58
Thank you. Great being here.

george grombacher 21:01
And until next time, remember, do your part but doing your best

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