Todd Miller


Todd Miller

Money Coach

Company: Tightwad Education


Hi, I’m Todd and am glad you’re here!
I help busy professionals, just like you, create a plan to build wealth and live their dreams!

Do you feel intimidated by money? Or are you tired of hearing everything you shouldn’t do with it? Things like: Don’t borrow money! Don’t go out for coffee! Don’t travel! Don’t have fun! Curious to know what you should do with your money instead?

I help people all over the country create a plan for their money. One that will allow you to enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow. It doesn’t matter If you dream of becoming debt free, reaching early financial independence, or traveling the world; you can do them all!

You shouldn’t have to wait forever to start living out your dreams. You can do it sooner and with less money than you think! Let me show you how.