Paul Cope

Headshot 2021

Paul Cope

Company: Revolutionise Life Limited

Paul Cope is an author, entrepreneur, coach and former corporate lawyer. He transformed his life after finding himself in his mid-thirties depressed and suicidal despite achieving everything we’re told should make us happy. He tore everything down, spending tens of thousands of pounds, thousands of hours and all his energy dedicated to finding the root causes of why he felt unfulfilled despite everything he’d achieved.

Luckily he’s figured out the secrets behind all our problems in life. He’s coached people around the world to change their lives using what he discovered through his personal experiences working with a therapist, coaches and learning from all corners of the globe.

Following the publication of his 5-star reviewed book “How To Solve Any Problem In Life: The Root Causes Of Everything”, Paul has now created an online course to help you to solve any problem in your life from its root.