Paul Attaway Bio
I was born and raised in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I met my wife, Lyn, in college at Georgetown University and we were married after I graduated from the University of Georgia School of Law. We moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1988 where I embarked on a thirty-year+ business career. Lyn and I raised three children together in Phoenix and now live in Charleston, South Carolina.
Three years ago, I decided to pursue a writing career. In September of 2020, I published Blood in the Low Country. Writing this book, along with the move to Charleston, is a coming home of sorts, a return to the South. I am busy writing my next book as I continue to promote my first book. You can learn more about me, my book, upcoming appearances, and my next novel at

Career Prior to Becoming a Writer
I have over thirty years of experience as a business entrepreneur launching, operating, financing and selling companies. I thoroughly enjoy learning about new businesses and new business models and meeting people that are passionate about what they do. Over the last thirty years, I have worked for, started, operated and/or sold a wide variety of company types (R&D companies with patent portfolios, manufacturing companies, finance companies) that were focused on an equally broad number of industry sectors (semiconductor and microelectronic, construction, private mortgage banking, litigation finance, real estate development and medical receivables factoring).

My legal background combined with the experience of starting and operating my own businesses provides unique insights into the challenges entrepreneurs face. Furthermore, my legal and business background and my experiences working for my investors helps understand their investment goals and then efficiently vet a potential investment opportunity, conduct the due diligence, and see the best way to structure and work a deal for the benefit of the investor. I have learned the value of seeing where a company needs to go, the importance of staying focused on charting and reaching the intermediate steps required to achieve goals, and I can evaluate whether the team of people behind an investment have the skills required to achieve the goals.

My Approach to Coaching
I am neither a consultant nor a counselor and I will not tell you what to do. I am an active listener. I believe that successful people typically know what to do but since they have no one that will actively listen to them they get stuck in the echo chamber of their own head. As your coach, I will listen to you, ensure you that I understand what you are thinking and through this process help you formulate the best steps forward. I will help hold you accountable and together we will improve your decision-making process.