Company: The Gardening Grandma

Patrice Porter, the Gardening Grandma, brings the old-time survival skill of gardening to the next generations. Building self-reliance and moving towards self-sufficiency.
She gives folks the skills to be able to grow their own food and help alleviate concerns of the rising cost of living, disrupted food distribution systems and child hunger.
She has a mission to get the survival skill of gardening into as many folks hands as possible and get people gardening at an early age.
Patrice is the author of the book series “Bringing Out the Potential of Children” and creator of “Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids” getting kids hooked on gardening and growing their own food. When they have this skill they may never have to know hunger.

Do you have a course you’d like to list? – Got Dirt? Gardening For Kids – An adventure with the Gardening Grandma getting kids hooked on gardening and growing their own food, where they’ll be bought into the growing process along with Mother Nature and her super heroes and be guided step by step until they have the confidence to be gardening on their own. Go to:

Do you provide coaching or advising? I’m a gardening consultant and mentor visit my website at: to book a call and let’s talk gardening

Do you have a book you’d like to list? Book series – Bringing Out the Potential of Children with accompanying workbooks found on my author page at: