Molly Sider


President & COO

Company: Jellyfish Industries

Molly Sider is a life coach and the creator and host of the podcast “I Am This Age” proving you’re never too old to make a big change. Molly has been making her own changes throughout her 40’s, transitioning from being a long-time wine professional to an ICF accredited CPC, a motivational speaker, and a podcaster. Molly is also a storyteller, believing the most efficient way to create inner and outer peace is by sharing your story with the intention to make sense of past experiences, and by listening to other people share theirs. Every person needs a support team to live a life of true purpose, fulfillment, and happiness. Molly is proud to be a part of her clients’ “teams” where she coaches them into revealing their true identity to live a life of purpose, no matter their age.