Karen Mayo


Karen Mayo


Company: Karen Mayo Enterprises, LLC “A Wellness Company”

Website: karenmayo.com

I’m working on a new one but here’s the one from my website.

It is my passion and life’s purpose to work with women and men on whole food-based nutrition, some exercise, and a mindset programs to help them become a healthier version of themselves.

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The mission of Karen Mayo Enterprises is to identify, share, and implement healthy strategies, support, coach, and transform. Through the “Mindful Eating” programs we have witnessed thousands of personal and physical transformations, due to the positive actions of incredible clients whom wanted something more from life and their thinking outside of the box, we have seen the ripple effect through their whole family and their communities.

Our goal at Karen Mayo Enterprises is to promote a better life balance, within our results-oriented corporate wellness programs, we share how to eat and exercise with focused intent by adopting healthier lifestyle practices to enhance employee’s performance and increase productivity.