Best Selling Author, Beauty & Wellness Expert, TV Host


At the age of 57 I can say with certainty that how we age is 100% controllable. In my 30 years of working in the beauty industry I have had the opportunity to work with some of the world’s largest names; collaborate to develop ground breaking skin products; provide advice to supermodels on their skin health; work with medical teams in wellness centres on how to counteract dry skin with the power of food; and speak with thousands of women and men of all ages about the importance of reducing stress to keep our skin healthy and vital as we age.

The stress that ages the body isn’t just what we feel day to day. The body is also impacted by lifestyle stress and environmental stress. This means that the foods we eat, how much we drink, how much sleep we get, the way we breathe, how much sun and wind exposure we experience and how we manage our daily stress levels will determine how we age.

My approach doesn’t deal with the skin in isolation, but treats the body as a whole, working to restore harmony and health to the body, mind and skin.

I work to purge the body from the stress causing elements that cause wrinkles. Ridding the body of stress fortifies the body’s defense system and protects it from the free radicals that destroy our collagen and elastin. By doing so we smooth out wrinkles, strengthen the skin and restore its health and vitality.

My methods of dealing with premature skin aging are holistic. Looking younger is synonymous with good living and good health. After all, what is the point if we look good, but we don’t feel good.

My books, TV show, Professional Skin Treatments and Face Lifting Food apps focus on how to reduce the aging impacts of stress and feel calmer. My methods use potent anti-aging and cortisol lowering foods; powerful anti-aging skin formulas and my own breathing techniques that can take years off the face. Together they ensure that you will look younger and feel better at any age.