Cassa Grant


Cassa Grant

Brand and Leadership Coach and Consultant

Company: Cassa Grant Communications

I grew up on a ranch in Montana, became a teacher, a university lecturer, and worked in Antarctica supporting scientific research on and off for five years.

Oh, and I also lived in Prague and drove an adventure travel bus around the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Now I spend quite a bit of time in New Zealand.

Along the way, I’ve heard some amazing stories (and made a few of my own).

The nerdburger part of my story:

My master’s thesis explored the use of green branding in the redevelopment of post-industrial spaces.

Which basically means I delved into the psychology behind what makes people want to live in condos that are built on old toxic dumps.

How did the redevelopment companies do it? Branding. Storytelling.

But I want to use branding and storytelling to do good things.

And I want to help you do that, too.