Amanda Neely


Amanda Neely

Founder and CEO

Company: Wealth Wisdom Financial

Amanda is a Financial Ally creating a smarter, more stable financial future. When it comes to finances, we all want to do “better.” Sure, we want to save for the future. But we also want the flexibility and freedom to live a life that matters today.

We need to know that “better” choices are possible. We can avoid the mistakes we’ve seen others make.

Yes, the future is uncertain… family emergencies or changes in the economy will try to undermine our efforts.

It’s overwhelming. Even if we do our very best, there’s always that feeling that we should be financially further along by now.

***That’s why we’re financial allies.*** We understand how hard it is to keep on top of everything—paying off student loans, making a business work, and planning for the future.

A few years into doing everything “right,” we’d successfully built the business of our dreams. When in reality, we were one unlucky step away from it crashing down around us.

Our personal search for solid financial strategies led us to certainty and security. Now, we dedicate ourselves to helping people break though to smarter, more stable financial future for themselves, their businesses, their families, and ultimately all of us.