Successful Real Estate Investing with Mark Dolfini


Successful Real Estate Investing with Mark Dolfini

LifeBlood REI: We talked about how to make money in real estate while living the life you actually want.

We discussed Mark’s experience in the Marine Corp that then led him to college where he first got into rental property investing.  How the career he has today chose him more than he chose it.  How his path to owning and operating 92 rental units essentially became a prison and a job that started with a ringing phone at 6am and didn’t stop till at least 10pm and sometimes all night.

We talked about how the pace of that time put him in the hospital and almost killed him, and although an incredibly challenging time, one that he’s grateful for today.

We discussed how he condensed all of his learning into a process that he now teaches so people can avoid the mistakes he made and the problems he encountered in order to have the lives that they truly want.

We talked about his three pronged approach to determining the best course of action for your life and business and why it’s imperative to do it in the correct order with Mark Dolfini, the Landlord Coach, Best-Selling author of three books, a Coach, Speaker and US Marine Corp Veteran.

Listen to learn why you need to figure out what your time is worth and start acting accordingly by delegating tasks that aren’t at your paygrade!

For the Difference Making Tip, scan ahead to 17:47!

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