Seasons of Life with Juan Lee


Seasons of Life with Juan Lee

LifeBlood COMPLETE: We talked about the seasons of life we all go through as individuals, how everything around us is going through cycles of birth and death, and how we’re all connected and part of this journey together.

We discussed Juan’s struggles with a learning disability that went undiagnosed for the majority of his life, how he found purpose, community and love in the United States Air Force when he was at his lowest point and how that changed his life and all the reasons behind it.

We talked about how love is the fundamental answer to most of the struggles we’re facing as individuals and as a collective, a framework for making positive change in your life and how you can take and apply it in your life to start living a happier and move contented life.

We discussed how we need one another and there’s no getting around it, how giving people a clear path to the life they want is key to helping them avoid many common pitfalls, how we’re all originals but going through a similar experience, and how we each benefit from the labor of others and we have a choice to pick up and carry on their good work, or choose to stall the progress in favor of frivolity, with Juan Lee, Transformational Speaker, Thought Leader, Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Clear Journey, and author of Love Made Simple: A Guide to Inner Peace, Contentment and Success.

Listen to learn why it’s essential to be doing our best and living intentionally today, while still keeping an eye on the future!

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