Book Club with Michael Kay


Book Club with Michael Kay

On this edition of the Book Club, Michael Kay, President of Financial Life Focus, Keynote Speaker and Author talked about his book “The Feel Rich Project: Reinventing Your Understanding of True Wealth To Find True Happiness.”  Listen to learn about the habits he’s hoping to help people break, build as well as his advice to readers and what he’s hoping you’ll get out of the book!

For a copy of The Feel Rich Project, click HERE

You can learn more about Michael at MichaelFKay.comTwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

Here’s Michael’s suggested reading list-

Finance for Normal People: How Investors & Markets Behave (Meir Statman)

Act From Choice: Robert Goldmann

The Behavior Gap: Carl Richards

The Opposite of Spoiled: Ron Lieber

Heads I Win/Tails I Win: Spencer Jakob

From Here to Financial Happiness: Jonathan Clements

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us: Daniel H. Pink

Your Meaning Legacy: How to Cultivate and Pass On Non-Financial Assets: Laura A. Roser

Breaking Money Silence: Kathleen Kingsbury

Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: Robert M. Sapolsky

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