Keto Foods with Thom King


Keto Foods with Thom King

LifeBlood BE WELL: We talked about keto foods, building a keto food company, and the benefits of a diet low in harmful sugars.

We discussed Thom’s path to a healthy lifestyle that also unexpectedly made him a food entrepreneur, how a bad experience in a crappy Vegas hotel room made all the difference and started him down a path to health.

We talked about the meticulous journaling and data collection that eventually birthed a bestselling book, which led to further exploration and a passion for the keto diet.

We discussed food addiction, the flaws in dieting, why we can’t negotiate with ourselves, and how to make sustainable changes that will help us to to the kind of lifestyle we’re truly looking for.

We talked about how to go about making a food time that’s “keto” compliant, what good and bad sugars are, how they show up in more foods than we think and why, and what impact they have on our energy levels and fat production.

We discussed what’s next for Thom, whether or not wine is keto friendly, and how to get started with Thom King, bestselling author of Guy Gone Keto, serial entrepreneur, CEO of Icon foods and creator of Steviva Ingredients.

Listen to learn how our bodies process different kinds of sugars, and which are the worst for your weight loss and overall health goals!

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