Infinite Banking Concept with Mark Willis


Infinite Banking Concept with Mark Willis

LifeBlood: We talked about the infinite banking concept.  We discussed how while there are very few things we have complete control over, we can certainly exert greater influence on our situation, specifically our financial situations by paying closer attention to the environments in which our money resides.

Are you currently setting yourself up for a big tax liability when you reach retirement age?  If so, do you think taxes will be higher or lower than they are today?  We talked about how to evaluate your accounts, answer those questions and position yourself for success no matter what happens with tax rates in the future.

We discussed beneficial financial activities of the 25 wealthiest people in America, what strategies they employ to shelter their wealth and avoid paying unnecessary taxes, a three part strategy that’s been used for generations that you can take advantage of as well, and also ensure that wealth you create can continue on for generations.

We talked about how there are many different kinds of life insurance policies, but only one specific kind that will give you the benefits in order to complete this strategy with Mark Willis, CFP and Advisor with Lake Growth Financial Services, host of the Not Your Average Financial Podcast, helping people get more focused on their financial lives, gain greater control of their situation, growing their nest eggs with certain and getting overall peace of mind.

Listen to learn how to talk with your children and grandchildren to prepare the people for the money, so you’re not just preparing money for the people!

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