Future of Cryptocurrency with Shahar Abrams


Future of Cryptocurrency with Shahar Abrams

LifeBlood: We talked about the future of cryptocurrency, generational attitudes and appreciation towards the space, diversification using crypto, new use cases, and what it could mean for you.

We discussed Shahar’s path into and through this new industry, how disenchantment with traditional finance and a love of passive income helped fuel his passion and how he went about learning about how it works.

We talked about his experience working with people from every generation and their overall attitudes about crypto, to the different motivations people have for getting into the space, from making money to disrupting the banking and finance system, and how it can be very intimidating because of the newness of everything as well as the volatility which is present.

We discussed how traditional institutions are becoming more accepting and even encouraging using crypto as a diversification tool and what that means for the industry, how using crypto as a tool for commerce is well understood at this point, and all of the new use cases that are coming online.

We talked about how you can use crypto to create passive income, eliminate intermediaries, earn potentially high returns from peer-to-peer asset swapping, what that means and how to participate with Shahar Abrams, Founder and CEO of Road to Babylon, an organization taking a no-hype, principles based approach to investing in crypto assets.

Listen to learn about peer-to-peer access swapping, the potential of it, the changes it could bring, and how to participate in it!

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