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Video Gaming & Your Kids

Is your child addicted to video games & screens? Do you wish you knew which games were age-appropriate?

This Mini-Course teaches you how to know what games are good for your child from a professional gaming expert and dhow to have screen life on your terms not theirs.


Become a Better Listener

The Key to becoming a great communicator is to become a really exceptional listener.

This ensures that your kids will come to you for help whenever they need to. Why?

They know you are there for them unconditionally and respect their thoughts and beliefs enough to truly listen to them without interruption, judgment or criticism.


Behavior and Words

What are you saying to your child? How are you saying it?

‚ÄčWhat kind of role model are you and what message are you sending them?

Do you want your child to mirror and learn respect, love and calm communication?

This course will help you set it up and create success for all of you.


Got Dirt? Gardening for Kids

The wonderful thing about gardening is that you can have an abundance of wholesome, organic food to enjoy and to be able to share.

Growing your food can cut down your grocery bills and your children can be contributors to the family food supply too

Your child will be happy and engaged in a healthy activity which frees you from concern and allows you to focus on your projects

No more getting that irking feeling of wanting to tear your kids away from the screens for they will have a new physical activity to engage in which can be a real bonding activity if you spend time at it together

Finally your concerns about the amount of time your child is spending in front of screens is alleviate, and they will be connecting with nature, being a part of the growing process which can do a world of good for mental health on top of the physical benefits that come from gardening.



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