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How to Buy a Company without Cash Upfront or Debt

My life changed dramatically when I bought a competitor in the telecom industry.

As a result of this deal, we grew by a year’s worth of sales in one afternoon.

And in this letter, you’re about learn how you can do the same too.

My name is Jeremy Harbour, and for the past two decades, I’ve bought and sold over 100 companies in many different industries.

I negotiated nearly all of these deals for close to zero cash upfront without getting into debt or using other people’s money.


What’s Next? Self-Assessment

A proven, innovative questionnaire and instant report that helps you address the emotional issues and concerns about the future of your business and your life.


Creating Wealth through Franchising

Creating Wealth Through Franchising is a 60- minute webinar designed to educate, motivate, and inspire you to realize your business ownership dreams through franchising. In this webinar, I will dispel some of the most common myths and misconceptions about franchising. I will share the true value proposition of the franchisor/franchisee relationship, and I will teach you the keys to building wealth through the unique investment of a franchise business.

As one of America’s top franchise consultants for 20 years, I have coached entrepreneurs, investors, and those who are looking to escape “Corporate America” on how to take control of their future and their finances, and my consulting services are totally free for you!


How to Unlock Your Remarkable Brand

It’s Time to Build Your Brand

Stop merely surviving on the strength of what you’re selling. Discover what your company actually believes in and why it exists so you can build lasting customer relationships.


Road Map to Financial Success

How to Fix Your Finances and Experience Financial Freedom.

Master Your Money and Grow Your Business with Confidence.

Instead of managing your business out of your bank account,

I’m going to teach you what to do, and why you only need to look at your bank account once a month.


Master Being an Affiliate

Master Being an Affiliate (M.B.A.) provides you with the blueprint on how to make extra money.

Having a passive stream of income can help you go on vacation, increase your savings, pay off debt or fund college for your children.

This course will give you step-by-step on how to increase your monthly income from the comfort of your own home.

If you are on social media or have a blog, phone or an email address – you can make money being an affiliate.


The Center of Experience

The Center of Experience framework provides the processes and methods to achieve organizational transformation driven by great customer and employee experience.

Use the same methods that have helped organizations of all sizes transform their organization around the concept of Brand Experience.



Communicating to Build Trust

Did you hear what I meant to say? In this workshop, you learn the difference between listening and hearing, and how to use language to impact positive change. Participants draw upon new skills, including how to make accountable requests and agreements, encourage, transform frustrations, and eliminate gossip.


Your Extraordinary 21st Century Workplace

Without standardized professional behavioral expectations and conditions and communication that builds trust, excellence cannot be achieved. When everyone learns task ownership and personal and collective responsibility, you move into a league of your own.


Redirecting Negative Behavior

Challenged by poor behavior? Learn a unique skill and change your life dramatically! What do you think, say and do when people:
Annoy and irritate you? Anger and provoke you? Shock and hurt you? Create worry and pity in you? Shake your confidence?


Motivating People from the Inside Out

Well-intentioned authority figures have used extrinsic motivation methods in an attempt to develop good citizens. Without realizing it, the very extrinsic motivators they use have diminished the intrinsic motivation in people and require dismantling and replacement of new methods .


Game-Changing Questions: Appreciative Inquiry

We all fall into conditioned responses in general communication and when we are either trying to solve a problem, innovate or improve relationships or circumstances. Often our thought patterns are focused on what could go wrong or what has failed in the past. This need not be the only way we approach communication and reasoning, and this topic demonstrates a proven, intentional approach that many have never considered.


Creating a Blueprint for Success

For many it is an abstract concept to create based on meaningful purpose and values first and to define visions fully before jumping in to act. Most business owners, community leaders, educators and families feel more comfortable setting goals and getting down to doing, even though they may know they need to work on their life and work as much as stay busy in it. They are often unsure how to do this and what type of reflection and planning is needed to ensure the right work gets done in the short- and long-term and that it gets done right.


Human Resources

LifeWork Systems Exploration Survey

For many executives, the Great Resignation is a wake-up call because it reveals what employees need and want to be (and remain) engaged in their work. Now is the moment to examine the health of your workplace culture practices and check in with your employees to get their thoughts on the difficulties and work habits they identify as most importantYou’ll learn not only about your employees but also about the health of your workplace culture practices, particularly those that require your attention.


Employee Benefits

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Invest in yourself. Bring it All Together.

Work with a coach to unlock personal and professional potential.